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Is It Rape?



A woman posing as a man tricked women into sleeping with 'her'. As we all know, according to the politically correct orthodoxy, had this been a man, this would be an open and shut case. Lying to a woman to get her to sleep with you, if you're a man, is now rape. If a thai ladyboy pretended to be a woman to get a man to sleep with him, no feminist alive would consider it rape. In fact, if the man complained, he would be called homophobic for not appreciating the "diversity" of the experience. And, if he were in Europe, he probably would be arrested for a hate crime.

But the twist is, this wasn't a man, it was a woman. And we all know, as we learned in womens studies, only a man can commit rape! Good thing we have great and wise leaders. You must need the wisdom of Solomon to figure this one out!


I don't know if lying is considered rape.

I think we've all lied at some point (highschool) and told someone "I love you" to get them in the sack.


No, it isn't rape. It is up to the person to establish enough trust to make the decision to sleep with someone. If you don't spend the time to know the person well enough, that's your mistake.

Besides, seems like you'd be able to figure it out BEFORE the sexual acts occurred.


Sounds like the plot of an awful Rob Schneider movie...


Lying is flirting. I lie about damn near anything I can think of when hitting on women, because honestly I'm just not that interesting of a guy when it comes down to it.

I don't really consider this rape though, the laws there might disagree. Check out the wiki link I'll post below, but basically in Israel a man lied to a woman about his faith and marital status, and was convicted of rape by deception. Her being guilty of a crime just depends on where it happened.


Lying is rape?

I'm sure at some point these women must've went "Oh...you don't have a dick. No thanks," and then went on their way. If however they realised this and then continued to/or engaged in having sex then it's hardly rape. Unless of course they were extremely blootered and the perp was wearing a lifelike strap-on and it was really dark and...actually...

I don't wanna go there...


Shouldn't threads like this be in PWI?


Why lie - I'm sure there's some boring ass chick that would love to hook up with your boring ass - lol j/k


Wasn't there a case like this in Israel where an Israeli arab convinced an Israeli jew to sleep with him by pretending he was a jew. When she found he wasn't, she accused him of rape.

Weird case but I agree with what DoubleDuce said.


Why did she even need to do this? There are plenty of women out there sexually interested in other women.


Remember, according to some people on this site, she is a man if she wants to be.


Yes, because we also learned in womens studies, that sex is a social construct.


When you are talking about those "women studies", why not call it by the right name? Feminazi studies. I doubt most smart women subscribe those stupid opinions and thoughts.


No one takes Womens Studies seriously.....its just an easy A class.

If you paid attention to Womens Studies...please,die.


What is that? Advanced sandwich making class?


Mostly "black men are rapist and white men are closet homosexuals" with some empowered tranny and girl power peppered in.

Lots of discussion about stay at home dads too.

Usually taught by a butch 65 year old who is single with a daughter. The daughter comes from a marraige that failed.

No sandwhiches....I asked for sandwhiches and there were none.


Sorry, but thats not rape. its only rape if you use force or the girl is underage. If every guy was arrested for using some sort of trickery to get a girl to have sex, 90% of guys would be in prison. is it rape if a guy tells a girl, hes going to iraq to fight in the war, to get the girl to have sex with him but he lied. is that rape? of course not. its the womans fault for not verifying it. words aren't illegal in anyway. 1st ammendment, like it or not. we can say whatever we want. people lie all the time to get what they want. pretending to be a man if your a woman, well, the woman should have been more aware. I'm quite sure she had a chance to say no, ummm, your a woman, and i will not have sex with you. if at that point, she was forced to have sex, then its rape.


No doubt because she was revolting. Keep in mind this person was able to pass herself off convincingly as a man. Maybe you're picturing an attractive female expertly disguised by a team of Hollywood prosthetic and makeup artists, but I doubt she had that kind of help. We're probably talking about some hormonally-challenged troll who looks like "Pat" from Saturday Night Live with the addition of a deep voice and facial hair.

I'm envisioning these women kicking "Pat" off of them and right into a nearby fire - just like Arnold in Conan the Barbarian, when he realized the chick that took him in was actually a demon. (Hope they recreate that scene in the new one.)


Are you asking for subjective opinions of what rape is? Why? Rape is defined in every state's penal code. Look it up and see if your facts satisfy the elements.

Further, rape doesnt have anything to do with the sex of the parties involved. All mention of the gender/sex of the participants is irrelevant.


You seem bitter.