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Is It Possible?

I’m going to be entering a deadlift contest at the end of summer. It will be hard for me to win, as I have some strength to gain beforehand. Right now, I’m pulling 425 in regular style with just chalk and a belt. I need to increase this as much as possible (goal is 495) in 4 months. There are a couple things I’m working on in order to increase this:

-Heavy side bends (for grip and abdominal strength)
-Pull throughs
-Good mornings

I do a pretty basic 5x5 focusing on the core lifts (deadlifts, cleans, squats, bench, rows, etc)

Do you think I have a good chance at reaching this goal? Should I change my plan?


70 lbs is a lot, but I think that CT’s “deadlifting for stubby guys” is worth a try. It added 60lbs to my dead:)

Lots of deadlifting articles floating about.

It’s doable, just have to bust your ass, man.

Are you built for deadlifting?

Basically, do you have long arms?

Yeah, I’d say I’m built to deadlift. Longer arms, shot torso, and pretty strong grip. I’ll check out that article. This should be a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

“Whatever you conceive, you can believe, and whatever you believe, you can achieve.”

Go for it!

It’s definately possible. I’ve increased my deadlift over 200lbs since october. From 335 conventional to 545 sumo. True the 545 sumo was in a suit, but i can also pull over 500 conventional raw at nearly the same bodyweight and drug free.

Thanks for all the support, I’ll give it my best!

I believe that deadlifts are the one exercise in powerlifting that can be improved upon dramatically by fine tuning your technique. Bench, and squat involve less muscles than the deadlift. Deadlifts involve almost every muscle in the body to some extent. I’ve had my deadlift go up 50lbs in less than a week by fine tuning my technique.
A good technique is to do deadlifts using plates of slighty less circumference than the ones used in competition. This will get you used to pulling from a lower point and thus at a disadvantage. Also practice exploding from the bottom. The more explosive you are at the bottom, the more the momentum will help you drive through the entire lift.

If you aim for a 70lb increase and end up with a 60lb increase you still will have improved beyond what you would have without training for the competition. that is really the worst that can happen!

good luck