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Is it possible...

…that 2cc’s of t200 (anyones guess as to how much test that actually is) and 400mg equipose per week is not enough for me (a 175 lb, 5’10", 12% bf, 23 year old male) to grow?? I’ve been on this for 2 weeks (along with ari/clomid) and I’m up a measely 5 pounds! Training and nutrition are completely in order, too!! Am I just an unlucky bastard who doesn’t respond to juice, or should I try more (like adding 500mg sust/week)? Thanks.

Because of the arimidex and clomid you’ll have less water retention, i.e. less water weight. Also I can’t remeber what ester is used in t200, but it will take more time before you have enough test in you’re system if it’s a long one.

It’s enanthate, so I would have thought I’d get more of a bump by now, also, I’m using 50mg ad-50/day. Most of the weight gain has probably been due to just eating more! Any more feedback would be appreciated.

I would give it any other couple of weeks the EQ is a long lasting ester, very similar to deca, So it takes a while to kick in. Keep eating, If you were taking Fina and Dbol I would say something is wrong but you are probally fine

You’ll see your biggest gains in weeks 4-7, then gradually dimishing. Noticeable gains (non-water weight) begin at week 3 for most.