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Is it possible?

Starting Oct. 6, I plan on doing a 12 week transformation. I am currently 6’5" 238lbs 17% bf. My legs are pretty lean, but I carry all my bf in stomach and back. I plan on losing at least 15 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle. I have the following supps: 3 btls mag10, 2 bottles tribex and m, 2 bottles of original T2, and one bottle of methoxy 7. My workout will consist of 2 weeks meltdown 1 twice a day. Second session followed by jump rope. T-Dawg diet. This will constitute the fat loss phase. After the first two weeks, I will begin the mag 10 with ovt. Eating as per Alessi, 25 cals per lb of p+f meals. I am doing this type of eating to keep fat gain to a minimum, as I gain fat easily with carbs. This phase will be for 2 weeks. Both phases will be done 3 times for a total of 12 weeks. Is the fat loss and muscle gain possible with these supps and workout/nutrition plan. I would be very appreciative for any suggestions on how to maximize these supps. By the way I’m 32 and been working out on and off for about 5 years. Have done meltdown, ovt, and rrd. Great programs. Feedback?

so are you doing body-for-life?

There’s nothing wrong with BFL, Jared.

No. I just thought 12 weeks is a good amount of time to do this because I have the 3 bottles of mag-10. I just wanted to be real structured also. I want a transformation like CT’s. Even something close to it. Not doing BFL, not that theres anything wrong with that. Anyone have any input on my program?