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Is it Possible?

I know the effectiveness of Tanita scales has been beat to death. My school has the real deal model, that costs like 3 grand.
My question is reguarding the LBM

less then 2 weeks ago, on a non training week, I came out 154 LB of LBM.
Today i tested 4 LB less muscle and an extra pound of fat. Is this accurate? Would it be possible to lose that muscle in that short a time?

I also get skinfolds, don’t worry.

Possible? Yes.
At all likely? Hell no.

What does the skinfold test tell you? Therein lies the true answer.

you have to play with the Tanita scales to get them to work right. There are a lot of factors to consider like glycogen levels and hydration. If you are overly hydrated you will show less BF% and if you are dehydrated you will show more BF%. Also, eating excessive carbs, or t-dawging it will skew the results. I have a pair of Lange calipers and also a Tanita scale and my measurements are not fat off for either, but it’s taken me a long time to figure out how to use it right.

Why is your LBM such an issue for you? Look at your performance and your nekkid appearance as your judge. compulsive measuring is like running around a track and calling it traveling. “I ran four miles today” WHERE DID YOU END UP? “right where I started”

The calipers are my main concern.
When i was T-dawging last year it told me i gained 3lb of fat and lost 5 Lb of muscle.

It probably mostly in my head, when i see that i was 5lb less muscle i got kinda angry.

Thanx fellas