Is it possible to lose muscle despite a high protein diet?

For example, say if you train hard in the gym and eat 1 or more grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Is it still possible to lose muscle? Lately I have been dropping in weight but i still get over 1 gram of protein per pound daily. I still train hard in the gym.

But i have cut down on Carbs and eat slightly less calories. Since i get a lot of protein can i still build muscle?

I think overall caloric intake should also be taken into consideration, not just protein. You can’t build muscle on a low cal diet (not clean anyway; although a total beginner may be able to do this a little).

Yeah it is. I know that it has been said that if you eat enough you can’t overtrain. That’s bull. If you eat enough AND take enough steroids you can’t overtrain. It’s also possible that if protein becomes the majority of your diet is protein, like >60%, your body will burn large amounts of protein for fuel because the majority of your calories are protein. I don’t have any research for this, it’s just a common theory.

Have you considered that lowering your carbs might be contributing to a decrease in weight through bodyfat loss? If you’re depriving your system of its preferred fuel (carbs) then of course it’s going to look elsewhere (fat) for energy.

 Just a couple of things to consider:  Recovery time, are you getting enough  Carbs, have you cut them too low  Total calories, are they high enough?  If you are employed in a very physical job, calorie intake HAS to be high enough.

I did consider that, but i was just curious. I mean i want to still be gaining muscle while reducing body fat.
Lately when looking in the mirror, i do look more ripped, looks like this low carb diet of mine is working a treat. Aint the human body amazing.

It definately is. You see, most people believe that all muscle is is protein, but most fail to remember that it is composed of approximately 70 per cent water. Carbs assist in pumping your muscle with more water. Cutting the carbs will allow you to lose a ton of fat, and all of your subcutaneous water, but you will lose quite a bit of vascular water as well.

Roven, don’t fully buy into the high protein only diet. Alot of it’s popularity is perpetrated by supplement manufacturers who want you to live off powder. If you want to put on substantial muscle mass you need to increase caloric intake to a degree that cannot be achieved through primarily protein alone. Low carb is good for cutting up, but you were talking about building muscle.