Is It Possible to Even Live on HCG Monotherapy?

I know people talk about HCG monotherapy to preserve fertility, but from everything ive read about it, it pretty much seems impossible/ludicrous/totally impractical to even do

the biggest problem i read about HCG is it must be referigerated constantly, even to such an extent that i heard a pharmacy gave HCG to a man in a bag of ice just to carry home…

Also, HCG has such a short half life on its own, it must be taken literally every single day, and sometimes ive heard people even have to take it bi-daily, all via injection

if it wasnt refrigerated seems feasible, but with refrigeration, i dont understand how you can ever go anywhere outside your house, ever… meet a new girl want to come to her house and stay the night? impossible unless you bring your ice chest with you, friends invite you on a camping trip? impossible, music festival? impossible, end up out of town somewhere? better get back ASAP by next morning or youre gonna crash hard the next day… friends say lets go to vegas? you better forget about it unless you can carry a gas powered mini fridge with you to carry your injections… any sense of fun, spontanaeouty, travel, adventure? you better strike that out for the rest of your life if you want to be on HCG monotherapy… am i correct? HCG half life is like one day, so if you fail to take it the next day you crash hard immediately…

how do people even live like this? is there any work-around people do to make it feasible? anyone care to share their experiences?

I am not going to read all of that rant.

Half live of hCG like to play nice with EOD dosing.

hCG should travel dry and be reconstituted later. Should not be shipped wet as it is then degraded by temperature and agitation.

If you can’t put it in the refrigerator, you are doomed.

thank you for your reply,

sorry about the rant, ive been a little angry at the frustration behind this whole situation…

so are you saying every other day is ok? can you keep some of it dry when you get it if you need to travel and then re constitute it at your destination?

is there some extremely creative way to keep a vial of hcg cold? like you would see some little portable mini refrigeration device for some chemical vial in a james bond movie or something, haha… is there anything which exists like that? even if it costs a grand or something… like how about medical transport people, i would assume they have some shit like that? maybe even the size of a suitcase, can be plugged into a power source liek a car charger/ac converter, or battery powered, etc…?

shots dont bother me, what bothers me is lack of freedom to move outside the house… if i could run outside to my car and hit my injection real quick in the morning while im out traveling somewhere that would be great, especially if i want to keep my situation private and dont wanna be all like “hey btw can i keep my vial of hormone injection in your fridge”

Then you should be on T+hCG. Skipping some doses of hCG will not make you immediately infertile. There are many who start hCG with T after being on T for a good time and retain fertility. As I told you in your other thread, there are risks and benefits of all therapy. Nothing is guaranteed but we play on probabilities. The only sure shot way to guarantee fertility is to get sperm banked for future ivf use, that’s expensive but a sure shot deal. You are now in the overthinking zone instead of a considering zone, I know all about the overthinking zone, it’s not the best place to be in.

i feel you,

yea its hard considering what to do

this is interesting/promising

its called an insulin cooling device…

and its basically a small device to cool insulin vials, portable battery operated/ can be plugged into car/outlet
costs $300, but hey, thats worth it if it does the job, maybe theres something better thats similar too

wow $20 usb mini fridge, now im being creative, could plug this next to my phone to a wall charger… … i dunno though… seems FUCKING WACK tbh, i hate the idea of having to inject EVERY FUCKIN DAY… but hey… i dunno… maybe i should try it if these serm options im trying dont work…if i ended up infertile… man … i dont want to risk that…

anyone on here on HCG mono? i heard you have to inject EVERY DAY really for it to work, Ksman says every other day is cool… for me less injections the better… what have your experiences been? ive heard some dude say he had to inject TWICE a day, thats a god awful way to live damn…

also… how expensive is this stuff actually to do HCG mono!?? like $$/month… i have no working insurance, im on basic government medicare , it doesnt cover anything like that…

also lets say i got a mini fridge portable thing like that, is there anything other than a full blown like srynge and needle you can use to inject the stuff? maybe some kind of more convenient, inconspicuous injecting device? so i dont have to carry some big ass bag of needles with me everywhere i go…

Is there a reason you haven’t considered a SERM? If HCG works, a SERM should also work, no needles, no refrigeration.