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Is it possible to boost immune system with anabolics

I was just diagnosed with the flu, I can’t afford to be sick for very long so was thinking of using my Fin-androsol. Will this work in helping to get me better faster. I am also taking Tamiflu, which is suppose to help you recover faster. Does anyone know?

anabolic steroids at the beginning of a cycle have immunosuppresive symptoms but will help the immune system as the cycle progresses, but cessation of cycle can cause another drop in immune system function.

If there’s a benefit it’s dubious. As Nate says, once into the cycle, immune function tends to be better, but if already sick with say the flu I don’t know of any cases where going on the juice helped.

By the way, Tamiflu on average reduces the
duration of the flu by only 1 day. I guess
that is better than nothing but it’s a disappointing performance.