Is it Possible I Have a Growth Hormone Deficiency?

First off, I wasnt really sure where to post this so sorry if it’s in the wrong section.

Recently I’ve been concerned that I may be growth hormone deficient. The main reason why is ever since I started lifting (5 years ago) if I’ve ever had to take even a really short time off the gym, I would lose an absurd amount of strength. For example I recently had to take a little under 3 weeks off the gym recently due to being unwell and my squat went from 155kg 3x3 down to 100kg 4x5. Also I needn’t mention that for 5 years of religiously eating (lean bulking for the most part) and training my progression has been pretty slow as well.
Apart from that I do experience some other things that are listed as side effects of low gh levels (decreased sexual functions/interest, lack of concentration, elevated triglycerides, majorly tired, and a few others).
I suspect there may be something wrong with my pituaritary gland as I got diagnosed with low T 2 years ago however TRT obviously didn’t sort out alot of the issues I was having.

Are you on TRT or not? What dose? These all sound like textbook low T symptoms or thyriod issues rather than low GH.

Its probably appropriate you get a comprehensive blood test. If your Dr. won’t do it, then go private. There are several private labs online that will do any test you want and the results are sent to you, not your Dr.

Yes I am on TRT. 200mg sustanon a week. What makes you think it could be thyroid? I’ve had fairly regular blood tests done and my tsh, t4, and t3 were all perfectly fine the last time I checked.

I’m guessing youre talking about ones in the states. I’m in the UK and here as far as I can tell they’re few and far between unfortunately. Thanks for the advice though mate.

Yes, sorry for the assumption. Good luck

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If you have had good labs done, what is your igf-1 level and range?

Just post all of your lab work if you want somewhat educated guesses