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Is it only me??

Is it only with me or do other people also end up constipated after consuming protein and/or weightgainer powders? I have used many powders throughout the years and all of them have either made me terribly constipated or caused much nausea/gas/bloatedness,etc.
I used to mix them with milk, then I switched to water. I have even tried adding some oil to the blend. NOTHING seems to work. I am thinking of giving up powders completely and only consume whole foods. Any suggestions? Anyone have the same problem?

I only have gas trouble with whey concentrate, and it usually only lasts the first few days that I take it. I try to get whey isolate if possible.

Have you tried the Grow! proteins yet? I have never had trouble with either of them.

You also may want to make sure that you’re getting enough fiber in your diet.

I personally would rather eat some steak than a protein drink, but the convenience level of protein powders is wicked ez

I’ve only used cheap protein powders and weightgainers in the past (damn budget). I guess I’ll have to try the whey protein isolate idea.

Hope that will help.

Now that you can only get Grow! directly from Biotest, it’s down to under $25 a bottle. Even garbage protein at your local supplement store isn’t going to be much cheaper than that.

I’m of the mindset that if you have the time to prepare and consume whole foods then you should do that in favour of powders (except post-workout). Powders should be used at times when it is difficult to get food prepared or when you have little time to eat. When you do purchase a powder don’t go cheap.

As for your problem, how many fruits and veggies are you eating? Lack of fiber may be a problem. In the interest of time I usually buy frozen veggies (california mix) and bagged salad. You can nuke the frozen veggies when it’s mealtime. Granted bagged salads are more expensive, but I get my nutrients and fiber. Try increasing your consumption and see what happens.

look into enzyme blends. Bromelain can help digest protein. NOW Nutrition sells a multi enzyme that i am using that seems to help in some cases. Also make sure you drink a ton of ater with and after the shake. I also sometimes put ground flax seed into the shake- can have weird texture, but gizes fiber and some good fats.

Also pinapple- pinapple is where bromelain is derived from so it could be eaten post workout