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Is It Okay to Take Injectable Dianabol Orally?

I’m using 50mg of injectable dbol daily during my blast and wanted to know if it’s ok to take it orally in a capsule or to drink it, my body is not accepting it well with the shoots, it’s water based. Thanks!

Ok the dianabol molecule is the same when processed for injectable or oral, just like winstrol aka stanozolol. So yes you could drink it and the molecule will work just as if it was in a tablet. However where you could run into problems is what did they dissolve the dianabol into inorder to make it injectable. If they used a PEG (rather likely) then hey no problem. But then again did they use benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, ethyl oleate, guaiacol? If you are still thinking about drinking it, go look up those different ingredients and see if drinking them sounds dangerous. I don’t think any of them are but still. FYI PEG can be PEG 300 or PEG 400, really similar stuff just heavier/thicker.

So what does the injectable dianabol look like? Is it milky? Clear? A darker yellow to amber color?

Thanks for the reply brother! It’s a clear water like liquid, I’ll get in touch with my supplier to see what kind of liquid was it dissolved in

Ok if it is clear then it is an oily based carrier. That means anything from gso to ethyl oleate. If it is prepared for and uses an oily based carrier or ethyl oleate then the chances of it being easily orally ingestible goes down. The larger concerns with an oily or EO carrier is they almost always use benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol. A small amount of ba shouldn’t be too bad but the benzyl benzoate might be an issue, but idk for sure either way.
I hope the source is forthcoming with the actual contents, sometimes they consider thier recipes to state secrets and really with something less common like injectable dbol they have a reason to keep it secret. A good solid oil based winstrol recipe is straight up worth it’s weight in gold.