Is it ok to switch from adex to nolvadex

I am going to be running out of Adex right at the end of my 6 week d/bol/sust cycle. I have nolvadex on hand just in case, and was wondering if Gyno shows up after my last shot of sust will it be OK to go to nolvadex post cycle with my clomid.

Actually I’ve heard you should discontinue adex when you go off. It’s okay to take it until after your last shot has had some time to run it’s half life to a reasonable level but after that it’s not good to have adex while off. I believe Swale has said this. So yeah, go to nolv or clomid but I don’t think you need both. I am an clomid hater so I go with nolv for post cycle, but most prefer clomid for recovery and say nolv is a bit better at gyno prevention. So if you have to drop adex go to nolv while you still have high circulating androgens and then you can do clom, but I don’t think both are necessary.

as squatty said you probably wont have an issue. i usually stop adex at my last shot. but yes if gyno type problems arise then treat it with nolvadex.