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Is it OK to buy Fax seed oil stored at room temperature?

I understand that you should refrigerate flax seed oil after opening it, because it turns rancid rather quickly.

I’m curious to know however, is it OK to buy flax seed oil that’s stored at room temperature, or should I only buy it from retailers that have it refrigerated?

What’s the likely-hood of un-opened, room temperature flax seed oil being rancid?

I’ve only ever seen it sold refrigerated.
I find it goes off fairly quickly once opened even when it is kept in the fridge.
So No, I wouldn’t buy it warm.

I would only buy it refrigerated, especially the liquid. I think it MIGHT be ok at room temperature if its in dark capsules, but bust one open and taste it to see if it’s sour or not. But be smart and buy it refrigerated.

Hi Guys… EFAs oxidize quickly at room temperature, and moreso as the temperature goes up. At room temp, it’s probably only good 10 days at most if exposed to air, as the liquid form would be.

Thanks for the input.

When I visit my parents in TN, I try and keep up with my normal eating habits, hence the need for flax seed oil.
Unfortunately, the only places I saw selling the oil, both had it stored at room temp (oh well, so much for GNC).

Flax oil, or any oil for that matter, needs to be refrigerated only after opened. Buy the flax if it’s at room temp, even store it in a kitchen cubbord. Once you break the seal, then always keep it refrigerated. Oil’s don’t start to denature until they are exposed to air. This goes for capsules or liquid. Don’t worry about it, it’s still good until you expose it to oxygen.