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Is It OK To Be White? I'm Not Sure


I had a great English teacher whose last name was Hart. He told us that when his wife was pregnant with their first child she really liked the name Valentine for him. He said he told her if we name our kid Valentine Hart I’m going to be in line to kick his ass at recess.


Here are some Russian ones:

Traktor (male)
LEMS (male) - abbreviation from Lenin Engels Marx Stalin
Diktatura (female)
Gospodin (male) - literally means “Mister” or “Sir”
Uryurvkos (male) - abbreviation from “Hurrah, Yuri (Gagarin) is in space”



Aren’t Russian names descriptive in that they tell you who the father or mother is?

The ex-wife had a Russian Dad. They had a dog they named Dog in Russian.

Have to admit that Uryurvkos is pretty, pretty special LOL.


Only the patronym/matronym part which is the rough equivalent of a middle name. Vladimir Vladimirovich - Vladimir, son of Vladimir.

It’s followed by the “regular” surname, let’s say Ivanov. So you’re officially Vladimir V. Ivanov, Volya for relatives/friends, and Vladimir Vladimirovich when you’re being threatened by your boss for example.

In Bulgarian the patronym takes precedence over you “regular” surname your surname will differ from your father’s surname - if you’re Boris and your father was Ivan you’re Boris Ivanov.

This precedence of the patronym/matronym survived in only one Germanic language and that is Icelandic where men’s surnames end in -son and female ones in -dottir based on the names of their father or mother.


So that’s why Arkady Ivanovich and oleg gregorovich always use each other’s middle names in The Americans. Always annoyed me a bit. Makes sense now.


Will have to read missed comments considering my time away from the interesting and interactive thread I enjoyed participating in.

Anyone reach a consensus regarding the thread title’s question?


Yes, we did - turns out, it’s ok to be white.

Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.


I’m cool with it. Wouldn’t have it any other way!


Check your privilege whitey… I mean… Asian and black middle class women?


I just wanna know. in this PC world, can you guys still like Benny Lava?


One needs all the weapons one can get to fight against the oppression of whitey.

Education is just one arrow in the quiver.