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Is It OK To Be White? I'm Not Sure


I’ll find that part in a bit. I have to imagine they familiarized everyone with their words. Either way, liberal whites still showed a tendency to competence shift down.

Edit: To be clear, you’re asking if the conservatives were uniformly…Um, ignorant? Vocabulary wise?


Good! I don’t deserve the Nicolas Cage GIF. Nobody does!


Black culture uses a different dialect than “educated white culture”, which uses a different dialect to southern, or rural folks, etc.

Do you think the downshift in language has to do with using more commonly accepted and used words languagewide, as opposed to using words common only to those from suburbia and University land?


Oh you absolutely did lol. This entire study is a dumpster fire.

Based on polling anonymous people on the internet and college students.

Oh and based on prepared speeches given by politicians


Well, it would seem simply ensuring that the black person is highly intelligent prevents the competence shift.


Is it a competence downshift, or a changing of their vocabulary to appeal to a wider audience?

Broader, simpler language isn’t less competent. Hell, you can pay $80k to go to B-school and learn to write simply and effectivly by not using SAT words haha


I’m sorry, but I disagree.


That it’s based on the prepared speeches of 6 white men? Or that the studies were run off of college students and anon internet people (the anons were paid to complete it)?


See? It’s partly because of stereotypes based on intelligence.


70 something speeches used to prepare preliminary evidence.


Why is the objection over using college students? Do you believe less educated whites are more racially enlightened?


Because a group of linguists compiled words and their ‘rough value’ on the ‘intelligent’ scale and applied it to a group of people known for their complete and utter lack of the same word values.

The college student one is easily the biggest joke of the 5. And the other 4 were paid anon internet posters, so that says a lot.




We would need further info on the follow up study to know. I wonder if liberals would have downshifted for a white girl name like brany-lynn, or Tami haha.

I’m interested in the reason conservatives did not appear to downshift competence.


I don’t understand that objection. They clearly valued different words differently as they routinely chose different words based upon race. Otherwise they would have always picked the same word. Or it would have been completely random.

Edit: I’ll have to check back in a bit. Stepping out.


Routinely? You kidding? 2/3 of the students were female, despite females being removed from the POTUS study due to bias that suddenly vanished in the following 4 studies.

They then proceed to use words given a score based on anonymous survey answers (I stand corrected on the linguists btw, they didn’t use them there).

Then, as CG pointed out, they used stereotypically ‘stupid’ black names while intentionally not doing the same with whites.





Oh you can get gifs to work…


No, I’m not kidding. I don’t understand this argument. It’s the fault of white women liberals? The study of POTUS candidate speeches was something that gave them prelim data for which they then tested broader implications with experimentation. Are you saying the inclusion of women sunk the liberal side because liberal women specifically stereotype blacks?

I don’t get the second point either.

That’s the point. Interesting who latched right onto that stereotype.


Where did I say that?

The study explicitly said it removed HRC speeches from consideration due to ‘gender effects.’

I guess gender effects don’t come into play with the following 4 studies though. HRC is just a different type of woman.

You mean both sides? You did actually open the study right?