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Is It OK To Be White? I'm Not Sure


The preliminary evidence was the basis for the entire study continuing forward. Why would I (or anyone) trust the work that is inherently flawed from the start without excellent cause?

Hell they couldn’t even find a speech GW delivered to minorities.

If you read the actual study, the participants are exclusively college students and anonymous self described white liberals online.

Fwiw, I’ve got a couple statisticians in my Dept within 20 feet and we’re all having a good laugh at how flawed the follow up studies were. We aren’t even wasting time laughing at the campaign speech shit.


Not sure what bearing this even has.To start, the question was if POTUS candidates wrtie their own speeches. First, neither of those gentlemen aren POTUS candidates. I’m not sure what sharing one or two foreign politicians reusing a speech accomplishes with respect to both the study and Yale insight article. Secondly, the mention of a faulty memory (since the author admits to finding no evidence of it having happened) of Trump reusing a speech is just noise. Third, it doesn’t matter who is writing the speech. Conservatives are writing liberal speeches now? And liberals unquestionably read them? Liberals, according to a review of the speeches, competence downshift. This then continued with follow up experiments.


Liberals have minorities. Hence they may have wrote the speeches. That one’s pretty self explanatory

Liberal white male POTUS candidates who aren’t running for reelection***


And a white liberal read those speeches.

And this was then tested on people outside of POTUS candidates.


And the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is published by the APA. American Psychological Association, if anyone is curious about their bona fides. I know that was a big point of debate with the Rape Culture and queer performativity at urban dogs parks, kind of stuff.


So if a black person wrote bill Clinton a speech intended to be used on a black audience, is bill Clinton being racist for not whiting it up enough? I’m confused on how you actually think the speech analysis is relevant

Sure, on students and anonymous online individuals.

There’s a reason this study was public months ago and nobody ran it. You can still like it though. Certainly nobody stopping you


Gosh, you mean self described college educated white liberals?


It was published in the APA’s journal and written up by Yale Insight.


It’s funny, when you start looking for evidence of this being felt in practice, you do see some of it coming through. Even from black liberal writing for liberal sites.

“The truth is that Liberalism is about making elites feel better about themselves and their lives without requiring the underlying action of significantly improving the lives of African-Americans.”
have spent my life as a Democrat which probably isn’t that surprising considering that I am African-American. One of the things that always attracted me to the party were the ideals of equality, fighting for the little guy and our openness to differing opinions, but lately I have seen my party take a turn that makes me uncomfortable. Somewhere along the way we stopped fighting for the little guy and became the party of the smug, educated elites who look down on those with less education and deem them unable or unworthy of being able to make personal decisions for their own lives.


You aren’t suggesting there are that many black speech writers, writing speeches for white political candidates, in numbers that would even remotely come to explain this away, are you? And they feel the need to competence shift down to their fellow blacks, from the mouths of white people?


No, I’m suggesting that it doesn’t make sense to arbitrarily analyze such a specific subset of politicians while leaving out a hella lot of context.

Feel the need? That’s a stretch by a mile.

Write in a language that’s statistically more likely to have your candidate be seen as an ally? Sure I could see that.

Either way, it’s a pretty boring topic filled with a laundry list of huge flaws, that are immediately recognizable by anyone with a laypersons understanding (which would probably explain why nobody ran this story almost 4 months ago when it dropped).

I’ma bow out here. You are, of course, still welcome to take it as scientifically sound


You just posited the conclusion of the study. White liberals will downplay their own verbal competency and rely on emotional language to be seen as an ally to African Americans.


No, I made that possible claim about the people writing their speeches. I’m not under the impression they write them themselves.


But then you’re suggesting White Liberals feel the need to search out and hire black writers to competence shift down for black audiences?

Edit: In short, white liberals still think blacks need to be talked to differently.


Nope, wrong again. Liberals work with minorities pretty frequently IRT politics. They’re members of society.

Would I agree that it’s likely you let the black guy write the speech for a black crowd, Hispanic for Hispanic, etc? Sure I could get on board with that

As a conservative, who’s party has virtually no history of working with minorities (they couldn’t even find a speech GW delivered to minorities), I can see how you’d draw this conclusion.


Again, this is a concession that whtie liberals believe blacks need to be spoken to differently. Therefore, the need to find and hire so many African american writers as to explain all of this away (it doesn’t), in order to give speeches to black audiences.


Dat broken record.

Really am bowing out here. It’s just boring.


Read anything written about what FDR or Lyndon Johnson actually believed and said in private. They didn’t care.

Not that elite politicians of any party actually really care about the little people.


Thank you. But, I want to draw attention to the fact this went beyond politicians… That was merely an impetus for experiments on non-politicians.


Anyways, I found it very interesting that the image of the smug patronizing white liberal elite might have basis in reality…