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Is It OK To Be White? I'm Not Sure


I have 2 kids. I just didn’t have them so they could ensure my diaper is being changed.

Hopefully I never have to put that burden on them.


Most people used to die pretty quickly. Longer life isn’t necessarily better. The last 10 years that we get on average are full of problems.

For example, my grand father. He started in the mines at like 10 or 12, worked in them for 30 years, took up plumbing and retired at 65. Had 5 good years, had a stroke and died.

Now there’s no end to it. People can convales for decades.


A nation isn’t a business. Yet it seems every other American judges other countries (especially the ones getting their acts together), by how much comfort and money is available or… muh McJobs. And heaven forbid a country have a mixed economy with some socialist practices, because you know, that will lead to Stalinist totalitarianism or a bunch of lazy bums living on muh tax dollars.

There are other elements in a society besides money. You know, like crime rate, interpersonal trust, spirituality, sexuality, romantic practices, and so on. I’d rather be lower-middle class in a high-trust, safe society, than rich in a dangerous and degenerate society.


I’m talking about having lots of kids. You know like poor people in red states do who vote Republican. (intentional inflammatory statement).

I have one kid with another on the way. I’m not being anti-kid but I have no desire to get near double digits.


Yeah, the way things are in the Western world that’s basically impossible unless you are a millionaire or are OK with living off welfare. No regular person can manage that nowadays.


Well, you didn’t have them just so they could ensure your diaper is being changed, but if you live long enough to make it to a nursing home, having children who like you enough to visit you often and make sure you’re being taken care of is definitely a plus.


Who else is going to pay for entitlements as the population continues to gray? With below replacement fertility rates? Entitlements and paying the interest on our debt will eventually squeeze out everything else.


Silly pleb. We’ll just print more money out of thin air. Who could ever call our bluff? That’s never ended badly, right?


Is America really seeing below replacement fertility rates? I thought that only applied to nowhere places and rural strongholds (WV wusup, everyone still hates you)


Some reps didn’t seem to get that memo…


Yes, since the 1970’s, for the most part. And the lowest rates in 30 years. It tends to be a pro immigration point, actually. Somebody, after all has to be, and birth, the next generation’s tax base to keep the old inverted entitlement pyramid standing for longer. More religious folks with larger families are good candidates.


Regarding nukes, maybe I’m a bit slow on understanding some things. So is it being proposed that if there’s a civil war, the government is going to nuke its own country? I don’t even think the most moronic politicians would order that.

Also, in a civil war, those who control the military will be calling the shots on what they do with the weapons.

I’m not sure what fat, old guys in suits will be doing in such a war.

Can someone fill me in? Maybe I’m incorrect. I’m not getting it.


Let’s see how that shakes out when they’re asked to actually sacrifice something (anything) out of their Murica QoL.

My sister in laws in laws quite literally thought Obama was the Antichrist sent to destroy America from within. Literally the fuckin Antichrist.

And they never came close to stepping out their front door for a fight.

Interesting stat. I like it

This is the case with every civil war.

Probably ordering the drone strikes.

I think it would be more likely they’d use satellites, drones, and surveillance the VAST majority of Americans are nowhere near smart enough to avoid to make the fight so impractical no one dares start a civil war.

Someone has to be the first one to volunteer to die when they start said civil war.

I’m confused as to how people actually think a civil war would go down in 2018


Nukes are useless in asymmetrical wars. Why didn’t US nuke Vietnam? Or Afghanistan? Or Iraq?


Couldn’t scare the populace with the draft?


Actually NATO has been feverishly trying to deal with such scenarios (not necessarily in the US only) and the scenarios are frighteningly plausible if not probable.


NATO being involved gives me less fear for a civil war, not more. Out of curiosity, do you have links to any of their musings?

I’d think people would be even less likely to try starting a civil war if they think they need to overthrow the standing govt/military AND the support of many other countries.


I predict one in 25 to 50 years. I never thought it for this year


Do you predict it being a success by the revolutionaries?


Another one, white deaths exceeded births. Since it’s a thread about if it’s ok to be white.