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Is It OK To Be White? I'm Not Sure


@loppar (definitely not injecting myself into the actual discussion)

I will say that age can be relative to the times, no? Aren’t there lots of “soldiers”/killers that age in some of the messed up African countries today?

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” Does that apply to colossal assholes/scum bags?


Imo the stuff that happens in Africa is more about ‘relative number of years spent in hell’ than anything else.


Yes, history was powered by the young, until very recently. Just look at Saving Private Ryan - the biggest anachronism in the movie is how startlingly old the actors playing US soldiers were - it would have been almost exclusively 19 year olds with officers being 22 to 23 years old.

Based on the (in)famous interview, at the risk of sounding like an armchair psychologist, Soros sounds like someone exhibiting strong psychopathic traits, like many other successful hedge managers after all.

That however doesn’t alter the fact that his alleged “crimes” during the apocalyptic last days of the Hungarian Jews boil down on a 14 year old trying to keep his cover and not being affected emotionally, which is not surprising if one assumes that he possesses those character traits mentioned above.

Survival in such murderous circumstances is much, much more feral - people are primarily focused on their immediate family and day-to-day survival, not necessarily that their every single action will be scrutinized by posterity.


Are you talking about aboriginals in Canada? Some are Christian, most of them are more like agnostic or atheist. The Catholic Church and the Canadian government collaborated to kidnap, abuse, and molest their children in their residential schools so church isn’t particularly popular with them.


The fact that he says that this is when his “character was forged” kind of gives the impression that he really is pure evil. I honestly didn’t even know the story of him collaborating with the Nazis until now. The fact that it didn’t even bother him shows what kind of person he is and what his “philanthropy” is really all about.


As someone who is married to a white man, it’s perfectly okay to be white. It’s okay to say you’re okay with being white. I’m okay with folks being white. Be you. End of story. I’m alright with being black. It’s just my skin color.

I’ve always been irritated when folks attach so much stigma to skin color. All skin color is is a biological adaptation to the suns radiation. Obviously there’s some wounds from previous national issues, but where the hell hasn’t there been around the globe in some era in past human history?

We’re moving in such an integrated direction as Americans. Technology is developing so quickly, and now more than ever, we are connected to so many people and able to community with people all across the globe. I just think there’s more to look forward to in the future. Getting offended, or feeling threatened because someone says they’re okay with the color of their own skin, because it strikes a cord with emotional attachments you’ve given yourself from past mistakes of a nation you clearly plan to stay in, I just feel like is a waste of energy.

If you’re that afraid, leave. There are men and women who fought for me to be able to freely go where I want, study where I want, live where I want, buy what I want, vote for who I want, and marry who I want. They were white, black, Hispanic, etc. and clearly their efforts changed something in america because I probably wouldn’t be typing this if they didn’t.

My identity doesn’t lie solely in how much melanin my skin possess, nor does it solely lie in my ethnical roots. My identity is who I am day to day, month to month, and year to year. How well I take care of myself, care for others, and indulge in my capabilities and seeing what I can accomplish in this world while holding true to my beliefs, and passing on every ounce of positivity to my future kids, and those in the world who despite where they come from and differences they have, do their best to be spread love and positivity.

Obviously there’s a lot of other societal factors at play, but I’ve noticed what I mentioned to be a common theme to the stigma attached around demonizing someone white.

Someone proclaiming they’re okay with being white, does not deter me from still viewing them as a normal human being. Just like myself.

End of rant. Sorry lol.


Yeah. The claim by the university is that the flyers were distributed to target aboriginal students, therefore the act may be construed to be a “hate crime”. But the graffiti says “fuck Islam”. It appears that they are not even taking the graffiti into consideration.


First of all, Planetcybertron, incredibly well written, in the sense I cant detect even an ounce of hostility in that “rant” which is rare, and difficult to do.

I feel pretty safe, honestly, as a white guy. I grew up in bfe North Carolina, and definitely saw my share of racism, hostility, and general unpleasant human interaction. (The rednecks all aligning to fly rebel flags out of their truck anytime there was a race involved story on the news in high school, all my neighbors calling eachother anytime there was someone who wasnt white down our road, all the black football players threatening to riot for various race induced circumstances) My father never really paid it any mind and I guess I just adopted it from him. I dont have any horror stories involving another race, I wasnt subjected to racist views from my family, I dont have this impending need to walk on eggshells around other races… think of how animals tend to sense peoples ill will, I just dont think I give of a negative vibe so people tend to respond accordingly.

Tensions are incredibly high, and there does appear to be the risk of negative blowback to the “white community” but for your average joe I dont think it’s really a concern, provided they dont have a predisposition or negative history.

Whether or not I’m the outlier, I feel safe.


The average age for a US soldier in WW2 was 26. My grandfather was younger than that however, and an officer.


Coercion, conditioning/brainwashing and drugs. They just don’t give an 8 year old an AK and say go kill.


You make a good point with that statement though.

I definitely agree there are people (political figures, and just other people) who are blatantly racist. Or just not good people, but I’ve noticed people are just targeting innocent, everyday, average folks who have no intention of doing any harm to anyone regardless of skin color. I’ve noticed hundreds of articles geared towards people just trying to live and be happy with themselves. Target the folks who actually need to watched out for. At least in my opinion.


Too bad the author doesn’t know there’s “no such thing as white people.” They’re just invisible beings or figments of imagination. You know, like a mirage. Maybe there are some hallucinatory compounds in drinking water that give people the illusion they’re seeing pale-skinned, blue or brown-eyed, brunette, red, or blond-haired, narrow- or round faced people with a high degree of sexual dimorphism. They also speak odd languages people lump into classes like Latin, Baltic, Slavic, Germanic, and Finno-Ugric.

These fake beings even have a language that became universal: English! Strange how nearly the whole earth adopted–I mean appropriated–the language of fake people.


Please, the same video from a different source (the first one that pops up when searching) is bad because “Hillary”? Um, OK.

Soros admits the seed of his fortune was trading Jewish peoples’ money, jewelry, whatever, in his autobiography and admits collaborating in the video. Stop moving the goal post.

Regarding the claimed feeding of "antisemitic tropes about a “self inflicted Jewish holocaust”; that’s just silly. Ask an average Jewish person in Israel about Soros and he or she will tell you the same thing I have said here. Recognizing and calling out kapos like Soros for being kapos doesn’t feed any trope about anything, except to the weak minded.


The thing is that here in the western world you can’t publicly mention that there were Jews who collaborated with the Nazis without being labeled an anti-Semite. It is silly, but when someone talks like that it is a sign that they have been brainwashed to some degree. The previous Canadian PM Stephen Harper even said that “criticism of Israel is the new anti-Semitism”, which seems odd because there are a lot of Jews who have opinions critical of Israel and I’m pretty sure they aren’t all ant-Semites. The purpose here, and similarly with the gay/trans business, is to stifle any sort of criticism.

There were all sorts of people who collaborated with the Nazis and there are people who make excuses for them, mostly that they collaborated under duress. In some cases that is true, but in other cases (like Soros) they were more than willing. Even in Poland nowadays there are actual neo-Nazis, despite what the Nazis did to Poland. They are on the fringes of society, but my point in mentioning this is that there are traitors everywhere.

Is there a reason why Soros can be charged like all the other old Nazis? He was an accomplice at the very least. Sure he was 14, but you can be charged at that age in most places and if the crime is severe enough you can be tried and sentenced as an adult.


You do not seem to care about the facts. Soros attended one inventory pretending to be a “godson” of a gentile Hungarian who was also protecting his Jewish wife.

By his account, the extermination of Hungarian Jews didn’t have an emotional impact on him because he’s probably a sociopath. That’s despicable, but it doesn’t make him a collaborator nor a Nazi.

Please enlighten me where he admits trading money and valuables of other Jews. Have you read his biography?

You hate the guy, that’s fine. But again, hate him for the things he’s actually done and do not perpetuate made up facts about his supposed Nazi collaboration.

Please do explain how exactly was he an accomplice or a Nazi.


black is the new white


He himself admits to collaborating with them and even says that it formed his character. Perhaps at the very least he should be investigated. Nazi collaborator are being charged at 80-90+ years of age and haven’t done anything bad in 70-some years, this guy is destabilizing countries across the globe.


That is probably a survival mechanism.

No way anybody could be exposed to that type of industrialized violence and not be affected.


What’s collaboration? The inventory story I mentioned above?

Ok, so to address his modern day nefarious activities your idea is to put him on trial for made up crimes during the Holocaust?


He himself admitted in the 60 minutes interview that he was involved with confiscating property from Jews. How is that not collaboration? Nazis who were guards in concentration camps argued that they were “just doing my job” and had no choice, is this really that different? No, he’s not accused of genocide or murder, but he is still a party to the offence.

Where do you get that from? My point is that people who moved on with their lives and aren’t harming anyone are being prosecuted but Soros gets a free pass because he can hide behind the fact that he is a Jew. He is a traitor, to Jews and to humanity.