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Is it Ok to Barbell Row on Deadlift Days?


Just a quick Question. Im doing a fullbody 531 program ABA, BAB style and im wondering is it ok to barbell Row on Deadlift days? ive only been working out about 3 months if that helps. My current program based on jims Guidelines is


Squat / Bench 5sPro

Chin / Tri Press 25-50 reps



Dead / Bench 5sPro

Row / Dips 25-50 reps

Curls (i know i already have a assistance pull)

Thanks Guys


Are you a “form checker” and debate about Prilipin, Kroc and Delaney Rows? How much do you DL?

Do you post on a lot of forums and give opinions on which you know nothing about?

If you answered:

No, No, 2x’s bodyweight and No: you are good to go. If not, you can still do them but understand that the best and biggest strength and size gains I’ve ever had for large groups of people did various DB and CS Rows.

Rows are awesome but this idea that “Only Barbell Rows are Real” (true love to anyone that can spot that reference) is ridiculous.


Thanks for the personal reply Jim. Trainer in the Gym said never ever do a heavy row on deadlift day because ill put to much stress only lower back which injure me long term so thought id check with you guys here. and i dont dead 2 x my body weight sadly i have a long way to go.


Hey bro, I am doing a 3 day full body template after coming back from an injury (Mon: Squat/Press, Wed: Deads/Bench, Fri: Press/Squat) and I do barbell rows on Wednesday. Just be smart about it. I have a home gym with no dumbbells which is why I’m using a barbell. When/if the rows start to have a negative impact on my main lifts, it’ll be time to purchase some dumbbells but for the time being, the barbell rows are working for me.


I often do my rows and chins on the same day I dead lift and squat on the same days I press because it feels like a natural division of work to me. When my elbow is back to 100%, I’ll have a power clean/rows/dead lift/chin ups days, which nicely alternates legs and upper body, and chins help stretch out my spine after a hard work out.

Just remember, perfect form is the safest way to lift.


Sounds like that trainer is a pussy. I personally do barbell rows between benching sets. The horizontal push and pull feel more synergistic. I then do a pulling movement as an assistance with dumbbell pressing too. I don’t mind putting a bit of body english in to my barbell rowing. If you think this will work for you just try it for a cycle or two, otherwise you’ll never know whether it did or didn’t work for you but my rule of thumb is if in doubt, just listen to Wendler (or other experienced lifter)