Is it O.K. that last meal is a post workout meal?

I don’t get home from the gym until about 9:30. Is it O.K. that my last meal of the day is my post workout meal? If not give me some ideas on what I can eat after my workouts. I am starting on a bulk phase right now if that helps, but my fear is gaining fat since it is so close to bedtime.

I’ve read similar scenarios, so I’ll just pass along the info. I heard to this ?. Protein is fine, get your fill of it. Fats too. But, as you may know, the carbs are the problem. They spike your insulin, preventing GH release in your case. HOWEVER, as long as you don’t overdo the carbs, your hungry muscles should just soak up the carbs=glycogen, and you’ll be fine. The biggest question in your case is: simple or complx carbs? Any other time of day, complex, for the sustained insulin. But, in your case, simple carbs may be best so that your insulin levels fall prior to your sleep, thus allowing Gh release and possible fat burning. Check this out though.

Thats fine, its not ideal but it worked for me. I remember John Berardi mentioning this in one of his articles. It may have been the “Growth surge project” or a massive eating article. Either way your muscles will be primed for taking in the carbs even though your less insulin sensitive in the evening. I remember him saying that if you do eat this way that it might be beneficial to have carbs with your breakfast the next day.

It is not a problem at all. I trained late in the day for a couple of months and had 1-2 meals after training (Surge and P&C meal later or sometimes just Surge) with no ill effects. The post-workout window is the most important feeding period, so DO NOT skimp on protein and carbs after you’re workout.

Hmmm…starting a bulk phase in April, ok. So, I am assuming you are getting home at 9:30pm and you go straight to bed? If you are up at least another 1- 1.5 hours, I do not see why you can’t get something in you prior to bed,like some non-fat cottage cheese, some Grow! (both excellent casein sources to take you through your nighttime catabolism - if that is what you are worried about) and hell, even a few carbs should still be ok seeing how you are still probably suckin’ in carbs like there’s no tomorrow - you just got out of the gym, right? hey you are on a mass phase, right? yo9u just were at the gym and I am assuming had your post-workout drink (perhaps, Surge) immediately post-workout and even perhaps 1/2 of it while training. Is bedtime 11:00pm…if so, you’re good to go- when Classic Grow! comes back soon, this may even get you a few carbs of quality as well - considering it is a mass phase - screw the ole low carb idea. Are you do JB’s Massive Eating Plan? Are you using Mag-10? what would the rest of your day look like as far as calories go? if its mass you want - eat for mass. and as has been stated time and time again, here at T-mag, screw the six-pack at this time as well.

This has been covered extensively in previous threads. I also train at nite before bed. Berardi has covered this - doesn’t matter if on bulking or cutting phase - ALWAYS take in carbs + protein after training. The muscles are primed to absorb carbs and replace glycogen after training and you have a 2 hour post work out “anabolic window” where muscles will take up nutrients (protein AND carbs) to create the anabolic environment. Berardi has stated many times - you MUST get carbs after WO or risk loss of anabolism from WO stimulus. Berardi has stated if training at nite, ideally you would sip a Surge type drink DURING the WO followed by a Protein + Carb meal within 1 hour after WO, which in this case would be your last meal of the day. No risk of carbs causing fat gain at nite when they are being consumed immediately after training. Carbs only cause a problem at nite if training earlier in the day and glycogen has already been replaced, but the MOST important thing when training at nite is to get carbs back in the muscle NOW. Of course, on non-training days, you would consume the standard P+F meal as your last meal of the day instead - but only on non-training days. Get your carbs after training no matter what to receive the maximum benefit from the training session.

Mate, if you dont supply/replenish the calories you used how will you grow? You must take in more than you burn to grow. Any period of starvation will slow your metabolism and make you fat anyway. 1.Buy a sport nutrition from a reputable author. 2.Sport nutrition journals are good, though background knowlege helps there. 3.Think critically. If it is too far from the status quo, chances are its crap or quick fix. Research using the scientific method is the best Method of Science
• Characterized by objectivity, systematic observation and logical deduction.
• The scientific method (as described by Thomas& Nelson, 1996) includes:
– Developing the problem (defining and delimiting it)
– Formulating the hypothesis
– Gathering the data
– Analyzing and interpreting the results
• Science often leads to the development/refinement of theory