Is it normal?!?!

I’m sure this may have been beat into the ground. Just can’t find much on a “timeline.” Is it the norm for sperm count to be zero after a year of TRT? Protocol consisted of test C 100mg/per week, and 25mg of Clomid every other day.

Thanks as always!

There isn’t a normal per say. Reduced count likely, zero count definitely happens for some. Its not ‘abnormal’. There are fertility protocols to follow if you’re trying for kids. You don’t have to jump off TRT.

Are you taking the SERM in an attempt to keep sperm levels high? Have you tested them on this current protocol?

Well….long story very short. Yes, per the direction of my doctor to “maintain” testicular function. I had posted about his recommendation previously. Just didn’t have an analysis. 100mg Test C/week and 25mg Clomid every other day.

Clomid gives me bad headaches however….

Clomid together with TRT is kind of pointless, the exogenous T is just too strong for the clomid to overcome the suppression of the HPTA.

Clomid by itself, another story entirely.

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So stupid. I don’t understand why this is continuing to be prescribed. And it’s expensive now….for something that isn’t gonna work anyway?

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I get from reading on here about clomid usage as a PCT. I can wrap my mind around that.

I just trusted that he knew what he was talking about. And it would maintain function while used with TRT.

After compounded hCG got banned by the FDA, these clinics lost revenue, and had to come up with a replacement product.

A lot of these clinics are all about the money.

Trust is earned over time through repeated positive experiences.

100% agree with all of that. HCG has the backing of science to help maintain function. Can the same be said for the replacement, Clomid? Or is it all just money?

It is. Systemlord is right. However, I have seen a handful of guys with FSH levels, though low, with clomid. I was not recommending clomid, they simply like the way they feel with it while on test. I’ve also had a couple of guys conceive with clomid while on test. Do not recall any of them getting a semen analysis so perhaps a lot of luck was involved.

The hCG is available, through one of the major pharmacies. It works well.

I’m not worried about the not having anymore kids at this point. I just don’t like being sold with something that it seems like science doesn’t back up. I can’t find anything where this is even recommended with TRT to prevent shutdown and maintain function. Am I missing it?

No, you are not. If deciding to go the clomid route to (for whatever reason, I understand you do not wish to conceive) preserve testicular function, you switch from TRT to clomid.

If you would like to maintain testicular function and stay on TRT, adding hCG is the answer.

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All that makes sense. Full transparency his original Rx for me was this;

Testosterone Cyp 100mg/week
Clomid 25mg EOD
Anastrozole 1mg/twice per week

Test C- felt great
Clomid- headaches, overall unwell feeling
Anastrozole- killed sex drive, and just didn’t feel well.

I’ll admit I wasn’t very compliant with the Clomid and AI just because of the side effects.

Dropped everything but TRT after awhile and feel great.

For two reasons:

Clinics want to make money

They also want to ensure their patient that they are still fertile, which usually they are not.