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Is It Normal to Feel Like Crap?


37 year old male, 270 lbs (overweight, should be at most 250), never really warmed up or stretched much. I have gone through chemo and radiation with 2 brain surgeries. Gotta tell ya I feel like I am 80. My achilles still hurt from a Waterbury program (he had sprints, jump rope, etc.), my feet hurt when I get up, low back is often tight, it seems to be mostly in my lower body. What do I need to do to feel "young" again? I like the 3x week Waterbury routine as I feel it is comprehensive.


Hi, I love your screen name is it your real name too?. I love The Jerk. "I'm picking out a Thermos for you, not an ordinary Thermos for you, but the extra best.......ahem anyway. "He hates those cans!". Sorry.

It sounds like you've really been through it lately, well done to still be training. As far as what to do to feel young again? If I knew the answer to that I'd be a very rich man. But I think it's striking the right balance between intensity and workload and rest, but unfortunately it's easier to tell when you haven't got it right than when you have.

As you age you also have to admit to yourself that there is certain things you can't do at 37 that you could do at 20. I'm always deciding to do some plyometrics or depth jumps etc after having not done anything like that for ages and then I wonder why my achilles tendons hurt! Not to say you can't do them, you just have to start slowly.

Looking at your picture you seem to have a good amount of muscle there and don't have to far to go.

Do I spot a bit of "push your belly out a bit for the before photo" there?.


Carrying belly fat does stress the low back a fair bit. Warming up and stretching couldn't hurt. Do you do any mobility work?

That said the chemo and radiation will make you feel like death on a stick. How long ago was that?


Thanks, I do not do mobility drills and really do not know what they are. Any suggestions? I think the last surgery really set me back. The first one I was doing pushups in the hospital room but the second put me on my ass like never before.


Oh, I stopped chemo in May, radiation was in the Spring.


the only sticky thread on the over 35 forum is the mobility for old folks thread. read that from beginning to end, and watch all the videos.

when you see something that appears to address one of your aches/stiffnesses, start doing it before you train. just get yourself into the habit. The ones I use are the LYTP shoulder prehab and Joe Defranco's Agile 8 (or my own bastardized version thereof). doing these almost daily, but certainly every time I lift, has made me feel a lot better.

and yes, sometimes its normal to feel shitty. but so long as it goes away sometimes, you're okay 8*)