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Is it Normal For Libido to Decrease During Prot Change?

I’m about almost 2 weeks into a protocol change, from 75mg week split twice to same dose split into M W F injections.

Over the last few days I’ve noticed some of my old symptoms come back like lack of libido, some loss of strength etc, is this normal during any kind of change? Even if the dose is the same?

The reason I changed is I’m low SHBG and was experiencing a dip around the second to third day mark.

Just wondering should I stick it out or just switch back?

Stick it out. Normal.

It’ll take about 3 weeks to normalize. You’re taking smaller amounts in each shot, so they need time to build back up to where you were

For reference, here’s what that looks like

After dosing changes it will take 6 weeks for your hormone reach a stable state, so until then your hormones are in flux. You should start noticing more consistency as you get closer to 6 weeks.

Ey @systemlord do you still have ringing in your ears? Have you done anything that has helped you? :slightly_smiling_face:

That is a pretty low dose. What were your levels prior to starting TRT?

It’s pretty minimal now since I have been on TRT. If you remember I was off the TRT for 8 months in 2019 and the ringing is much louder off the TRT which is interesting because the ringing started after being on the TRT for about 2 years the first time around.

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75mg broken up into more days is essentially rationing and no different than being low T, hence the return of old symptoms. Stick it out and if needed raise the dose to 100mg into daily shots for low SHBG before you make another change.

Ringing in the ears is the death of cilia in the ear canal. It can go away with little to no hearing loss, but its what happens with age.

@systemlord @middleages

Right now I feel tired and just depleted, it feels like I’ve no testosterone in my body, a part of me just wants to go back to my old protocol but I’m trying to stay positive and hope that this will better in the long run.

Are more frequent but smaller injections definitely better for guys with low SHBG?

Im low SHBG and I inject daily or I would feel meh. You have two things that I would change today. Bump up the dose so that you have more in your system and bump up the frequency to dailies. You made a switch to improve things but at 75mg you’re simply just not going to get what your body needs. If you’re like me, then you’re chewing through T except you’re left with no reserve. Sorry mate, you can wait it out to only have to make the change, or you can do what will make you feel like there is T in your system, and that is a proper dose of T.

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Usually it is, but not in all cases. I have SHBG on the lower end and do better on EOD injections, twice weekly and I feel big swings on day 3 and it just feels like TRT is much less effective.

Thanks guys for the feedback.

I will rough it out, I’ve been adding in an extra shot the last week so basically EOD to build up in my system, next week will be doing strict M W F but will do 27.5mg each shot so slightly increasing my overall dose.

Only reason I haven’t upped my dose again is last time I did I noticed that I feel good for maybe a week then I start feeling puffy and bloated and less hungry.

Strange as my E2 and TT are not very high at all but I seem to be very sensitive to E2

No matter what you will always have a temporary change that you wont agree with, simply put, your body goes into flux. You have to stick with your current change and wait it out or change it again and wait it out. I changed my protocol not long ago and I felt a bit weird at first but things always balance themselves out. Dont complicate your body’s reaction to hormone intake or redistribution. Trust your Bod

Cheers man, truer words never spoke.

Patience and letting things be is my downfall, I tend to be very OCD in regards to my TRT which is no good thing!

Agree with @middleages here and @wjc89, I think you and I share the same low (13) SHBG read as at our last bloods. I went down as low as 70mg a week based on the ‘10mg a day’ school of thought - daily Test E via insulin pins. I felt a bit flat and less ‘good aggressive’ if that makes sense. I stuck with it for almost two months and then moved back to where I am now (slight fluctuations in volume of daily oil but its c. 90-105mg a week total). Been on that for 3 months now and the difference is tangible and felt like finding a sweet spot. Like it’s been said in this thread, you may soon find yourself scaling up a little but ultimately its a personal choice as to whether you end up on daily, EoD or E3D etc. I’m daily all the way but the fact I use Test E means there is some margin for error due to its half life. I’d considered going daily with Test Prop instead, but the occasional missed pin due to life getting in the way meant sticking with Test E made more sense.