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Is It Me?


Hey T-Nation,
I don't understand, is there something wrong with me or am I just having some bad luck?

I have applied as a Personal Trainer at every single gym in the city. I though that my resume looked good, I though that I was well qualified and I know that I would be perfect for the job!
I have more than 7 years coaching experience. I work very well with people of all ages. All my former Employers are very pleased with my work, I was a National Level Athlete. I have finished the courses and now a certified professional in the field. What more do they want?

I see all these trainers working with their clients, and most the trainers are clueless. Anyways, sorry, i'm just getting my frustration out :frowning:


Possibly they think you are overqualified and will leave for something better?


I had the same experiance quite a few years back, what I learned in some of the instances were that (you weren't just applying as a trainer but as a saleman too) so while my fitness and medical background was cool they really didn't care they just wanted me to be able to brow beat people into beleiving they were gonna die of a heartattack if they didn't join the gym.

Other times I learned that certain gyms only want certain certification probably because they have a deal with that particular organization.

On the other hand they just might not need help this is a very competitive field tons of trainers most not good but tons of them anyway.

So just keep trying and goodluck sorry to hear youre having such a hard time of it sounds like you maybe the right guy to hire.

Everybody gets in a slump Good Luck!


Hey Thanks guys!

I'm just hoping to recive a call some time soon.


Walking into a club cold and applying to be a trainer is always going to be tough. I work at a pretty successful small chain of clubs, and got my initial job because I knew someone, worked for a year or two, got my P.T. certification as I did that and when another trainer quit I was in like Flynn.

Train at the club you want to work at, get to know the staff, take a desk position for awhile, and likely something will open up and they'll pass over "outsider" applications for someone they already know.

Best of luck brother.