Is it me or...

Is it me or does the new “t-man” picture
look like a ruddy version of Star Trek’s
Borg? “We are The T-Men, lower your weights,
resistance training is not futile, we will assimiliate your anabolic into the stash of our
own…” :slight_smile:


You know Brock, you’re right. He does look Borg. I wouldn’t mind looking like him though. Especially if I could pick up 7 of 9 looking like that. :slight_smile: He is pretty close to the build I want to achieve. His abs are etched to the max. BTW, do you know if that pic is based on anyone in particular or is he just totally rendered from scratch?

It actually looks like Bill Phillips to me, I can see him doing some star trek Episodes for some more cash.

Hm. I thought it looked more like Arnold from the first “Terminator” movie…

His face looks exactly like bill phillips. In fact I could have sworn seeing that picture him leaning up against a wall with his hands in his pockets or pants who knows…

Dittos on the Terminator