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Is it me or do you just grow in spurts?

I seem to never grow steadily… its only in spurts at a time… and it some what pisses me off… this is normal for everyone else right?

I stopped growing years ago but I remember growing in spurts and I remember the other kids growing in spurts too. Don’t worry you’re normal.

Spence, you know what really pisses me off? I don’t grow at all! LOL! Don’t let it frustrate ya, bro. I imagine that this is the case for most natural trainers. Just keep bustin’ a nut and as long as the gains are coming, keep doing what you’re doing. It is definitely the norm to come to a plateau in your training. Just means it may be time to do something a little different.

I believe so.

For example, take Lee Haney, former 8-time Mr Olympia. According to his own account, over those 8 Olympias, he put on 2 lb of muscle per year. He was about 16 lb more muscular for his last Olympia than for his first.

Does it even make sense that he consistently gained 2/365 of a pound per day (0.005 lb, or roughly an 0.0027 percent increase)?

How could the body calibrate itself so precisely that muscle cells grow by 0.0027 percent per day?

I doubt it. I’d bet anything that some weeks
he gained a pound or even two, and other weeks he lost a pound or two, and by the end of the year he balanced out a couple of pounds bigger. The growth he had came in spurts, I’d say.

Ditto for anyone, but that’s a famous example.

This is very common. I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t get their muscle growth in spurts…It’s usually train hard eat right, bust your butt gain a few lbs…keep on training hard, eating right…get nowhere for a while…and then gain a few more lbs. etc.

It happens to me too. When I was back in college I would not see anything but strength gains for months at a time, then in the course of a week or two, I’d gain 4-5 lbs. I thought it was odd, but then I began hearing about others who went through the same thing. Just be glad that you’re growing and don’t sweat the times you aren’t. If you aren’t that patient, I’ve found that Androsol and/or Nandrosol are great for impatient types like myself. I’ve gone from 169 lbs to 197 lbs with two cycles of Andro only and one of Andro/Nandro while going through my first two years of medical school. If that’s not your thing, just be patient.