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Is It Just Me???


.....or are there tons of retarded "nurses" in the medical industry. this is at the same doc that a nurse told me i could lose my leg by injecting into the quad. waiting for my hrt shot, i notice a syringe setting on my chart, but it cant be mine. the nurse comes in, i show some cheek and LUCKILY i turn to look.

to my horror i noticed the syringe was almost completely full. i asked her what the fuck she was doing and she said "giving you your dose, isnt it 400mg?". i was moments from having that idiot hit me with 400mg of test. had it not been one fatty dose, i would have gladly accepted it.

i quickly figured if i asked her to split it she would probably investigate and find out i accepted the wrong dose wilingly. she quickly and rudely told me to wait and came back and speared the shit out of me with my regular 100mg. i'm one step from killing these bitches, it's getting old fast.

on a side note, i saw the endo and he wants to up my dose, now if i can get an appointment in less than two months time i would be stoked.


Why not just take matters into your own hands?


Yeah, can't you request to do the injections at home?


Or cant you just procure your own test and give yourself however much you want, when you want, and where you want?


i am going to start self injecting my own supplemental dose as soon as the endo is finsihed dialing me in. he said he wants to up my dose so i want to see what he has planned before i get going.

i live 15 miles from the tj border and i will just walk across and shoot sust 250 in a pharmacy bathroom. i already got caught bringing some back, with a prescription, so they let me go with a warning. i dont want to fuck with that anymore, waiting in the BP holding area for 4 hours is boring as shit.


bleh u should have taken the shot and then bribed her for a blowjob :smiley:


Wasn't Mexico on the list of Raw Deal contributors? I'm sure that's more UGL stuff, but between that and the high amount of fakes, especially around the border with lots of tourism, it might be hard to find some quality stuff. Though I'm sure if you live 15 miles from the border you'll know some people who know of good places.


the large name brand chain stores are the only places i trust. i spoke with a mexican doc down there and he recommended one store. i forget the name, but i know where it is.


Over the last year i have been tested once(prior to my last trip to the endo) and it was at my request. you can tell by my post that the doctors office i go to is full of retards.

you are correct, i am hoping that doing the injections at home will require me to test at will; or at least with a warning so i can stall it. as of now, i'm only going to run test E so i wont need too long to "come down".


Prescriptions are typically one year in length, which is the maximum time frame a prescription can be for. Most docs will test you the first prescription after three or six months, or both, to check your levels and proper dosing, after which the tests are done each year when you renew your prescription to make sure the treatment levels are still effective.

Some docs suggest every six months testing, but it is by far a yearly thing, especially when you've been on for over a year.


let me know how it goes. i got to do one injection @ 250mg and had to stop due to a trip to the endo. it was my call as i wanted them to increase my dose, that way it would be closer to my supplemental 250mg dose and save me some money. that extra 50 or 100 i can squeeze from their pocket will save me $ in the long run, plus i pay so damn much for insurance i might as well take advantage of it.


yeah, but there wont be signs of any other steroid which is what im worried about. 10 days or so should be enough to bring my levels down. dont forget, i do have a natural level of about 280. if i was high normal, say 800 or so. they would just hold me at that dose which is what i am shooting for.it shouldnt take more than a few days to get back down to that.

i dont plan on running a very high supplemental stack, just an additional 250mg a week. i will also cycle off every few months for a few weeks.

i'm waiting for my current levels from the endo. i went 10 days without getting my weekly shot to make sure i'm at base levels. he also ordered a complete work up so i will finally get to see my E levels as well see what happens to ldl/hdl after about a year of 100mg EW.


If you will go to:


and put in your dosage, you will see the half-life leftovers.
For me a "209" in the right hand column means I am at 1025ng/dL. My suggestion is to run your baseline totals, ( doctor only) count off the days and find out what's left. Then if you "modify" the dosage use the calculator to figure out what day to visit the doctor's office to have the appropriate number.


according to the chart, i would need about 10 days(like i figured) for my levels to return to "normal".

thanks for the link.


You're welcome.