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Is It Just Me?

Is it just me…or does this “Bodybuilding” site have some of the best political discussions on the Internet?

Most sites will have a VERY annoying “slant” where you just can’t seem to cut throught the rhetoric…

Anyway…we may not agree…but at least we share and hear both sides…

Any thoughts?


I think it’s the type of people we are in general that make these debates awsome. Sure we fling insults and call names, but generally it’s just playful. I believe most of us on both sides are extremely intelligent and resourceful, Hey we found T-nation and fell in love didn’t we? Also I think there is a ton of character and good human spirit here. A while back you may remember there were some vets who got pissed and stopped posting. The forums were getting pretty tough back then, a ton of condescending attitudes and mean spirited posts. Much of it was frustration, then we were blessed with a gem like TT and some others who I think have set the tone for the forums, she and others like her are so helpful and she is so highly praised by everyone that we all try to emulate her in some way. I think this even carries all the way down here to the Political forum. But yes, a short answer to your question, not only is t-nation my #1 site for bodybuilding and strength and nutrition, it’s also one of my favorite sites to check out politics.

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

Yep. It’s not just you, bro.

We do it to debunk the stereotype that muscle heads are stupid. Also, this is not your typical bodybuilding site. This is a group of the elite. Our main differences are our perceptions, personal experiences, and overall debate style.

Most of the folks out here are good hearted folks. Even if they are wrong (grin).