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Is It Just Me?


So the past couple of weeks in the gym I've been pushing it really hard (or trying to) to increase my strength on lifts, and it seems that this effort is just alien to most people in there.

An example; I psyche myself up before my all out set to make sure I can really give it all I have, and I just get funny looks from others.

I would actually say im holding back a little some of the time, just so these fuckers don't go complaining to the gym owner. It's not like im screaming, i'm just grunting on the last couple of reps to get them out.

Just because I'm only squatting 340lb doesn't mean i'm not trying as hard as the huge fucker squatting 565lb. Are people really that fucking concerned of how the appear to others in the gym, rather than giving it everything they have?

I currently train at a place called 'monster gym', which is far from what the name suggests now. I've been complained at now for leaving 1 plate either side of an olympic bar, or wearing my ipod (because i might not realise how much noise id make).

I mean fuck. 1) I don't care about how much noise I make (I don't even make that much!), I just want to set a PR every day, and 2) who can get really intense to fucking shitty club music?

I'd love to train at a garage or powerlifting gym and be able to do shit like Matt kroc does, to really push myself as far as I could.

Does anyone else feel like they are having to hold back to 'fit in' with the atmosphere of their gym?


It doesn't phase me at all. Well since I work at a local gym when the boss isn't around I can make all the noise I want. It's a small gym and when doing 315lbs deads touch and go for 7 it can become pretty loud lol.

Music wise since the majority of the people that come to the gym are older 30-50 I try to play some classic rock or metal type rock (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Black Label etc.)

As far as noise in the gym I work I could care less how much someone makes only if they are doing it in a productive manor.

My only pet peeve is when guys come in the gym with their shirt off first only to put it back on before working out, or the type that flip their shirt to "check" to see if they are missing any abs.


This how I want to really train:


None of my gyms bitch at me when I moan like a bitch when doing deadlifts. Shit, I'd purposefully ignore the shit out of the d-bag PT or manager that tries to tell me I'm making too much noise. This would very much irk me... I guess you belong to a corporate, sterile, expensive gym?


My gym is really good about that, like today with Squats i made a bit of noise on the later sets no one say nothing.

Must be lucky !


Yeah, a REAL, hardcore gym would be an excellent find. I don't know of any in my area :frowning:


Ya, I was DLing the other day and a PT walked up to me and said, "Could you please set the weight down slower?" I wasn't dropping it, I just wasn't setting it down gently. He made me get mats to put under each side of the plates. Ugh...


When someone is let'n it all hang out with the heavy shit, be it 200, 300 or 500....it motivates me in a huge way. Must be my competitive side. F'em if they don't like it.


I just get the occassional quirky comment about it that really pisses me off.


I train at a garage gym where there are perhaps 50 members total. More often than not I'm totally alone there when I train. I'm very fortunate to have found the place, because I don't grunt or moan when I do quads, I SCREAM bloody murder. lol

Widowmakers suck.


I had no idea that Monster Gym was like that. What's the point in having 150kg DBs when you can't even exert a little effort and make some noise to lift the fucker!?



Why, do you usually yell out: "YEAAAAAAH BUDDY, LIGHT WEIGHTTTTTTTTTT", to psyche yourself up? Then maybe you'll get a few funny looks! Joking!

But I workout at 24hrs, yes..24hrs. Lots of people moan and groan, and no one seems to care. Unless they are the ones who are over doing the groaning with actual LIGHT WEIGHTS; sounds like a guy is benching 400lb to see him doing 185.....


I wish I trained somewhere decent like Monster Gym, lol. It looks awesome. As far as people giving you funny looks, get used to it.

I guess I'm pretty lucky with the attitude my gym have, and it helps with the free weights being in a completely separate room and out of the way, which is nice. The problem is that it's tiny, and severely lacking in equipment. The weight stacks are all completely pathetic. Funny comment I got from a PT the other day: "this isn't a bodybuilding gym, it's LA Fitness," not sure if it was harmless though, lol.


x2, I was already dreaming on working out there. That's kind of disappointing, not that I grunt much but I always thought that the atmosphere there would be a little bit more hardcore with all those heavy weights and HS machines.


You can grunt, it's not like they come up to you and tell you to stop.

The point is: It's fucking annoying when people that are so far away from the concept of training hard, that they feel the need to complain to the guys who work there, that end up giving you some smarmy comment.

I wouldn't call it hardcore, theres plenty of big guys there but it's nothing near the atmosphere of something like defranco's or elitefts gym.


right now i feel so thankful about my gym. it's actually steering towards the commercial side right now, but the owner is a serious bber and he doesnt give a shit when someone literally screams during leg presses or whatever. most of the little people (the 'casual' trainers) just look like scared rabbits.

but you know i think the gym is the one place on this earht where a man should be allowed to act like a complete animal. to let his inner demons out and be completely unrestrained by any rules or regulations. being able to scream your guts out on those last few reps of hack squats that seem to take an eternity to grind out as the blood pounds in your head... is one of the truly most satisfying feelings i have ever felt.

honestly my gym is not hardcore enough. its too... clean. to cordial. too couth. i really really want a gym that is no more than a grotty, dark shithole. a place that stinks of armpit and vomit. a place where thechalk dust hangs in the air and the mirrors are cracked and stained with spit and blood.

A man can dream, can't he?


Yes... completely agree. I think if I told my friends this they would just look like I was crazy. But that feeling is amazing.


I dunno GF, I've never noticed any hostility towards people making noise. There's a middle aged (45-50?) year old bloke there who makes a load of noise just for the sake of it. You've probably seen him, he screams his lungs out from the first rep of his curlzzz until the last. Still, I haven't seen anyone complain.

Having said all that, the gym is becoming a bit more "popular", in a bad way. I guess that's just the effect the summer has on kids though.

Still the best gym I've ever trained in though, by far.


I woulda been like no shit sherlock just look at yourself to the PT hahah. Unfortunately I go to an LA fitness also but mine is pretty stocked with equipment.


There is a gym like that near my mother's house. (120 miles away.) It is awesome. Beyond worth the $10 day pass. DB's up to 200lbs...

Who knew that a gym that cool exists in the middle of the woods like that.