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Is It Just Me? "What Women Do Right In the Gym" vs What’s Wrong


Well, hello.


Imwore them last night, pretty Lady!!! I went with one of my grizzly bear friends from Canada, and I wore my pig chuck Taylor’s a pink cami, pink,socks, pink sports bra, pink lifting gloves and a pink ribbon in my hair. I knew he’d be embarrassed but I had his mom’s present and he tried to incorporate my husband in the conversation and my hubby told him, she has a mind of her own, she really really does. Hope you’re good! Lots of Mother’s Day hugs for you​:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:!!!


Wore them felt odd especially when doing squat jumps. However, deadlifts and squats felt more in muscles as if had been enabled if make any sense. I felt more in tune to my form…I’ll try again.


What feel odd in the squat jump is that if you wear runner, when you jump they then to push you up a bit. The Chuck are kind of dead and they may absorb a bit of your push.


Ty pretty lady. It felt so different :rofl:. How are you today?


it is sunny and I am heading to a horse show. Sound like a good start. Tomorrow I have a full day off aka as gym and mow the yard, all of it!

I am the shoe geek person.


Haha! I love all the advice I get here. And everyone is so forthcoming with it and makes me think, experiment or laugh! Have a good day :hugs:


Damn Millennial’s ruined the forum…


Millennials, who ya calling a millennial?




I’m not following. I’m not a millennial and am in kitchen a significant amount of time and proud of it!


Mmkay… It was a joke I wrote to @SkyzykS not you and it’s in reference to the two or three threads millennials keep being brought up in…


Oh thank god…I’m was like I learned how to type on a type writer and sometimes still use a 10 key :pensive:. But ledger paper be gone thank god!


The wisdom of the ages has been lost.

The Three Solutions when used individually, concurrently, or simultaneously always worked, even when they didn’t.


I wouldn’t say that. Imagination and thinking for yourself and being accountable for your behavior has been lost. Lots of enabling…libraries closing…ah, card catalogues to “hunt” for a book. I’m feeling old


No. Those aren’t The Three Solutions.

The three solutions are akin to having Pythagoras, Euclid and Des cartes on hand to help solve virtually any problem that could arise in the life of a forumite.


The good ol day… Mere legend now.