Is It Just Me? "What Women Do Right In the Gym" vs What’s Wrong

Killer picture to reel ya in, but then I had an irritated feeling. Kinda sexist a wee bit, or is that because I know too many female athletes. The having kids so “they don’t have time or bored” should be a key point.

Editing cuz remembered this post for my fellow gals which sits better with me

Well, could be because the article is called, “6 Mistakes woman do in the gym,” and the section about what they do right is just a bonus.


Wouldn’t call it sexist, as there are 2,384,253 articles about mistakes men do in the gym.

Just my 2 cents anyway

I really really hate being bitchy, but I it just settled wrong with me.

Wow ty for responding I’m usually responding to yas lol so you risked my bite. Been so busy. You’re growing up :hugs: btw aren’t you into music?

i am, for a myriad of reasons i’ve mostly been listening to enrique igleisas for the past two years

love his music!

Didn’t know if ya played. I’m into prog but have bounced in and out. I am like the only girl that isn’t into pop I swear. I jam but my husband records. I do some mixing, though lol

if you have some spare time to listen to it in the thread “things you’ve made” i posted a cover for one of his songs that i made.

i am not very talented, but i’m definitely into singing and mixing songs so i decided to try and make a cover of one of my favorite songs of his. if you can’t find it, i’ll link to it here.

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I’ll check out later, sent myself a reminder. Did you do all instruments?Going to a hockey game in a bit. So, I’m making all my witches brews for hubby. He’s into supps plus I’m into holistics, we have a really nice ninja so he gets some unique supps haha.

unfortunately, i cant’ play any instrument. i used an instrumental base and sang all the voices.

i’m actually into mixing the vocals into songs.

Ah, ok, np. It’s a start. Ya should be proud to put it out there.

Looked at article again. Pic shows hawt woman in c.t.s. I wear converse chuck Taylor’s everywhere…but the gym. Haha… it is just a post to reel ya in if a woman wears those to lift. Ha ha

Chucks are great lifting shoes. Wore them for a decade. Did my first 3 powerlifting meets and 5 strongman shoes in a pair.

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No jokes yet about letting them out of the kitchen or PIIHP?

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nah the thick heel is too much…it drove me bonkers when I tried lifting with them. My running shoes have nice cushiony soles that absorb my power type of lifting. Chuck Taylor’s make me feel taller but more comfortable than heels cuz I’m short. I felt like I was in ballet doing deadlifts…not that extreme but enough to notice a difference. And i felt unstable doing jump squats with them. Just didnt feel like they supported my feet. But just my opinion

But it’d be funny to show up to gym in my pink ones :hugs:.

Chucks have like no heel, especially compared to a running shoe.

They are VERY common in powerlifting. Yes, even pink ones. Just a cheep flat soled shoe you can squat and pull in. Not a marketing gimmick at all.


Ty for advice. I’ll have to try again.

Nah, don’t wear them if you don’t like them. Wasn’t advice, just clarification.

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advice is always appreciated. I’m always open to advice and am curious about what works best for some and not others. I want to see if it was just “in my head” out of habit or if I’d feel better in them. Thanks :hugs:

Love my Chuck for lifting but find them a bit high off the ground but they are flat and not bouncy. I hate my running shoes because of the angle and they absorb my power in their cushion/EVA/gel and what not.
I find the Chuck to be the closest to being bear foot, maybe Vibram could be good too.

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