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is it just me or...

does anyone else hate those damned Truth commercials. Hell I know smoking is bad, I don’t smoke and never will, I’d not date a chick if she smoked (ok if really hot then I’d have to keep my mouth shut). NOw the freakin truth commercials are all like: smoking is wack. There’s poison in cigarettes, you will die. Well duh… tell me something I don’t know. Those truth punks need a good beating… they don’t look like they work out at all. Punks…

Yeah, those commercials are a little weirld, like the one where they make a huge pile of body bags in front of a cigarette producer. I guess they’re just using dramatic and bizarre instruments to get people’s attention.

They’re left wing hippies who hate big tobacco. Funny thing is that usually these same people love to smoke them a big 'ole blunt.

I hear you on this. and i thought it was just me. i think the truth people need to get over themselves. Even before those comercials I’d say most people knew smoking was bad for them. They just didn’t care. I doubt anybody had a gun put to their and was told “start smoking”.

A big ole’ blunt isn’t a cigarette. When used sparingly and in moderation marijuana does not have any long lasting effects to speak of. This is medically proven, but every cigarette you smoke takes 5 minutes off of your expected longevity. Say you smoke a pack a day, (21), every day for a year. Hang on, lemme bust out the ole calculator…thats roughly 26 days every year that your taking off. Most smokers wont live to see their shortened life span in its entirety seeing that they’ll die of cancer of emphizema. Mine as well just start livin until November every year, Xmas is out.

Yeah, I hate these commercials too. These Truth people are typical left-wingers. They try to blame “Big Tobacco” for deaths from cigarettes, instead of blaming smokers, who ALL know the dangers of smoking. Soon, we will see commercials against McDonald’s and Wendy’s for all the deaths caused by shitty diets, and fat losers in trailer parks will probably start suing fast food companies. Rather then taking personal responsiblility for their health, they will claim Wendy’s is responsible for their fat bodies and miserable health.

Well I’m glad I’m not alone… when those truth guys go into that commercial buildling or what not and then blame the employees for smoker’s demand… then they argue with the security guard hehe. What is he going to do: sorry family youre going to have to starve because being the desk jokey renta cop is morally wrong because I’m guarding evil tabacco. Its the same thing with obesity in a way, blame it on McDonald’s or other fast food joint for the increase in meal sizes and not on the demand for the sizes. Or blame it on how they have chemists to make the damned things taste so damn good and not on the demand for eating things that taste so damn good… mmm burgers…

Yeah, I agree. Those little punks are so annoying that it makes me want to go out and choke down a pack of Camels. I mean… I hate smokers as much as the next guy, but being a complete sniveling jackoff to make your point really sends the wrong message. Instead of smokers, we get a bunch of little punks who think they are funny when they are not.

I think my favorite one of these commericials is the one with the guy at the urinal who looks down and sees the sign that says, “Cigarettes have urea, just like your pee,” which seemingly makes the argument that anything in your pee must be bad to ingest. Guess I’d better stop drinking water then… The main thing about these idiotic commercials, and about a lot of so-called health education, is that they assume they can tell people partial truths and not lose all credibility with educated people. I personally hate cigarette smoke (at high concentrations it gives me a headache), and won’t date girls who smoke, but I don’t buy into all of this stuff aimed at blaming tobacco companies for deaths when people choose to smoke knowing that it has health risks. Then there are the second-hand-smoke-causes-cancer claims, which have yet to be confirmed by a single study that actually sticks to accepted significance levels for showing a correlation. “Education” is supposed to educate, not propagandize – give people facts and then just let them make their own decisions.

I’d like to make a Truth commercial! I would be similar to the ones on TV, except it would feature people like us that take responsibility for our own action. And, instead of going to the “Big Tobacco” headquarters, we would go to the gym, where we would be kicking ass on the weights. And the message would be the real Truth:


i agree the commercials are obnoxious… and does anyone out there really think that cigs arent bad for you??? anyone… no i dont think so.

The truth… anyone know is behind that. Where do they get their money. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cigarette manufacturers themselves pay for that (directly or indirectly as part of the lawsuit they lost some years ago). If I were in charge of Philip M. and was forced to make commercials against my product I would do something just like that - create the picture that the people who are against smoking are total wackos. But of course there are genuine wackos too… Just a thought here.

ditto…ditto. If I was big tabacco forced to pay for those commercials, I would love it. I would make commercials that say that smoking is bad for you, but make it look really attactive. Like have a bunch of hot chicks puffing away and then have some fat, zitty bitch come and lecture them on how bad it is and what bad people they are. IT they quit, thay have a chance of being more like her…Yea, I got to say personal resposibility needs to take a hold here. Everybody dies, you can’t blame somebody else all the time, otherwise you will see that we are a bunch of murderers. As for cigarettes taking 5 minutes off of your life, I think that is a bit exagerated, but if it were true, it typically takes off the worse part anyway :slight_smile:

I’ve learned this very valuable rule of thumb, which I think applies to the truth organization:

"If some group or person insists that they have the truth, they most likely do not."

I think this applies perfectly to their ad campaign, so I pretty much ignore their ads with all their half truths and outright lies. For example, they have one where the commercial says it takes place in the lobby of a major tobacco manufacturer, but then all the actors break into a major dance routine. Obviously it doesn't really take place where they say it does. If they lie to set up their commercial, what else do they lie about? Oh, there's a partner to this rule of thumb that I actually found in a textbook:

"The truth in any proposition is inversely proportional to the benefit gained by making the proposition."

I find these to be good rules to live by (among others.)

damn hippies

Geez hoss, don’t get defensive about the reefer. It’s just ironic. As far as marijuana not being a cigarette, huh? I never thought Phillip and Morris was selling pot. If your intent was to make pot sound better than cigarettes, okay. But, I believe I’ve read that pot has many of the same carcinogens(sp?); some of those at higher levels per measurement. Plus the legal issue and the possible hormononal and neural issues. If you’re saying that smoking pot every blue moon will have little if any negative health effects, sure, I’d tend to agree. Then again, if you only smoked a cigarette once every blue moon I guess you could say the same thing. Peace with your hair grease.