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Is It Just Me Feeling Small Here?


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel really small on this site? I mean like amongst my friends and family and even my fiancée's friends and family, I've always been the ''Big guy''.

I'm about 5'10'' and 210lbs and before I started using this site because people always told me I was the ''Big guy''. I assumed I was.

Not any more!

I'm quite handy when it comes to defending myself and my friends if needed. But I'm starting to wonder if I was just an average fish in a small pond??

I mean if some guy was hitting on the Mrs and I came over and told him to f*ck off it would usually work. But what if the guy was X or Waylander.

I guess I'm trying to say that site has kinda put things in perspective, and made me realise that 17'' arms don't go anywhere!

Best take X's advice...

Hamburger Hamburger Hamburger!!!



Did you check the thread in the Bodybuilding Training section about "Looking Bigger at A Lighter Weight" or something like that? I get told how small I am on page 3.


haha yeah i've read it! I forgot to mention Kerley aswell.... Damn if he was hittin on the Mrs i don't know what i'd do!


Stop whining. I'm Iron Dwarf for fuck's sake.



Haha good point. It's even in your name!


I really, really, do not mean to condescend but do you actually workout for security issues? Being "big" has great returns in self defense but training in combat and gameness will carry you further then the superficial muscles alone.

God forbid a little gangbanger hit on your girl and you told him to fuck himself. Your size really, really ain't going to help you there.

That aside I'm sure everyone can relate to the average fish in little pond idea. The thought has crossed my mind before.


I'm a midget and the smallest in my family of 7 (4 brothers 2 sisters). So I understand feeling small....until I walk outside then its another issue (I see tiny people).


Nah not for security issues i love working out for me. Plus i also got a little trainin in kickboxin, boxin and a little MMA so i can handle myself. I also know how dangerous small people can be and size isn't everything but it's just a mental thing when you get your fist impression.

My trainers were both around 5'5'' and about 60kg, one was a 50 year ex champ who hits harder than any1 i've ever met.

Looks like the kinda guy you would tell to fuck off, but he would of spinning backed kick ur jaw off before you finished what you were sayin!

And the other guy is an Albanian pro cage fighter who nearly dislocated my arms on several occasions with his god damn arm bars!


Good shit lol.


Complete bullshit. Much like dog warning signs or house security system signs, your best defense is to avoid confrontation in the first place. I haven't had anyone even try to start a fight with me since freshmen year of college. Mind you, I actually trained in martial arts and boxing so this is not coming from someone who simply can not defend himself.


Fuck, now he's completely unstoppable.


^So I see Professor X prescribes to General Colin Powell doctrine of Overwhelming Force to end a conflict.


Professor X is like Candyman... but instead of saying his name in a mirror 5 times, you say dumb shit on a message board and he'll appear to quickly correct your ass. haha.



does not compute.


Can I write your autobiography? I'll call it "I actually get crowds of people watching me in the gym when I do this". I think it will be glorious!


It isn't COMPLETE bullshit. It all depends..if you fight a guy smaller than you..I'm not talking about 150lb guys here. I'm talking 220lbs here, skilled boxer who does it day in and day out. You will obviosuly get murked no matter your previous training. Due to the fact that you are a bodybuilder and have no desire to fight. Compare that same 220lb guy who is not skilled and just wants to fight, you may have the upper hand.
Fighters are not scared of size for the most part, it is the animal inside of you and your mind state that will determine how you react. Just look at Evander Holyfield fighting the MUCH MUCH larger Russian Valuev. Evander is not small by any means either but Valuev is MUCH bigger and that didn't change anything.

Of course I am going to an extreme here to prove a point between two professional boxers. But an out of the game guy (I'm assuming for a while) who hasn't fought in a long time who just bodybuildes compared to a guy who is skilled, fights regularly, and is big as well (we are talking anything over 200lbs) I place my bet on that "smaller" guy.




what is this small you speak of?


this thread is gonna turn into another what if a boxer/GSP and a bber fought who would win, its balls.


Of course I feel small and weak here, that's why I'm here. I need rabbits to chase. My friends in real life will come by my shop/gym and say "What are you gonna do with 500 pounds of weights?" Then I come to T-Nation and people are like "What are you gonna do with 500 pounds of weights?"...but they meant that completely differently.

What's the old saying, somewhere in China a little girl is warming up with your max? That's why I come to T-Nation. To learn from the guys who bench more than I deadlift and have arms as big as my legs.