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Is It Healthy to Keep Oestrogen Low?

See, i spelt it oestrogen, like a true brit.

Yeah, so alot of you guise are all on the AI’s constant keeping your oestrogen’s low/normal.

Is this healthy? Oestrogen plays a very important role in the human body, men and women, specifically it healths protect brain function as we get older.

Is it wise to keep it low all the time to be more “testosterony”?

What are the implications?


High and low are somewhat relatively terms. In general you want to be neither too high nor too low. But what is high or low for one man might not be for another. With everything you’ve been thru you probably have an established pattern of bloodwork and then its just a matter of seeing how you feel at certain levels


Estrogen has many health benefits at the right levels.

Too low and you get lethargic, have a hard time putting on mass, etc…

Too high, then well, you know the rest…+salt and water retention, fat gain

Just right–Helps in putting on the mass, good in too many aspects for the body to list.

I’ve seen Bill post some good information in regards to utilizing an AI to maintain healthy estrogen levels. I think he prefers Letro.

oestregen is also very important for strength.

further, it plays important psychological roles in memory, cognition, mood, sociability etc…

Recently i was toying with the idea of pushing oestregen as low as possible while using my libido as a marker for not going too low - but i now realise this is a BAD idea.

Once we start playing with hormones/aas, we’re already interfering with the randomness nature proscribed for us.

We all talk about raising test as high as possible, because its the nature of what we do. If its’ not via AAS then its all the supplement (scams) pervading the market - tribulus, tongkat, ZMA etc…

Women have already cottened on to the idea of having robust levels of test in their bodies, i think as men we shuold also similarly respect and appreciate oestrogen in our bodies.

There is at least one study showing very substantially increased cardiovascular risk in men when estradiol levels are below the bottom of the normal range; there is also increased risk with high estradiol.