Is It Gyno?

Well I have been through with my test c cycle for near a month,post cycle near complete…40 novadlex first two weeks 20 mg for the last weeks. I also started cjc and ghrp at the end of my test c cylce… and this morning I woke with sore itchy nips?

Oh I should mention I take remeron everyday, I heard it lowers prolaction levels… Anyone wanna chime in? estrogen?or prolaction?
Seriously sore shit is a bummer!

Well it’s not prolactin. An Itchy nip isn’t gyno but its signs of estrogenic activity in the tissue.

I figured I bump my novaldex back up to 40 for a few days see if that helps, and if it doesnt ill prob Take twice the amount of remeron prescribed to me and 300 or so mgs of b6 for a bit… Yeah I agree it shouldnt be the prolactin, the remeron is atleast in theory supposed to drop the prolactin along with the cortisol levels…

You could bump the Nolva up for a few days and see if that helps or get an AI and try that.