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Is it Gyno or Just the Shape?

I was 115kgs and lost 39kgs. Then i had a surgery called abdominoplasty and gynecomasty. I was wondering if i have to be worried. There some photos.
Can you please write your opinions?

Worried about what? Future gyno? I’m not sure but I think they remove the glands that can be affected by the estrogen when they do the surgery.

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I was worrying about present gyno possibility. But as you say, there is no gyno just the shape. I need to give it more time to see them in shape.

You don’t have gyno anymore just big nipples. Start working on growing those pecs, front delts and traps. The bigger you get the smaller your nipples will look. Congrats on all the weigh loss keep it up.


You’re just fat. Gyno isn’t breasts it’s simply glandular tissue under the nipple. I have a small amount under my left nipple and it’s barely noticeable

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Gyno can be very noticable if it gets out of control. click pict for larger image


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