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Is it gonna happen?

I’d like to know if there’s any chance of this going through…cause if so, I need to stock up NOW!
http://espn.go.com/gen/ news/2002/1009/1443414.html

Hmm…androstenedione “the Mark McGwire pill” converts to estrogen more readily than it does test? Where have these guys been the last couple years…its a shame that the progress of t-people, who take their time to carefully study substances such as these and plan their cycles, has to be hindered by a bunch of idiot teenagers who watch too much TV and shop at GNC. Considering what is going on with ephedrine tho, I’m not at all suprised.

What I love is that one ineffective supplement is generalized to cover all supplements in such a loose category. Everywhere I turn, my personal freedoms are taken away. And what’s great is that it’s almost always “for the children,” these days. Fuck the children. Make all GNCs limited to 18 y/os and over, and let us do what we want with our bodies, you estrogen-filled fucks!

I think it’s time to stock up! This bill seems to have a lot of high powered people pushing it through congress.

I’m inclined to believe that androstenedione does actually convert to estrogen more readily than testosterone, the stuff sucks. Unfortunately, the big problem is that they’re now talking about eliminating all prohormones. I hate how they leave the decisions about this stuff to those who know absolutely nothing about it, and it’s sad that these Congressmen think they’re scoring big points with their constituents by taking these ‘dangerous’ substances off the market. Don’t they realize that by making prohormones unavailable, people like me are left seriously considering about crossing the border and checking out a pharmacia.

The hypocrisy is really evident, with the same people arguing out of one side of the mouth that they have evidence that “andro” doesn’t convert to testosterone or increase muscle mass; and on the other side of the mouth wanting to ban it because of being convertible to testosterone.

I saw this too (via Yahoo) and was pissed. The only chance guys like us have is writing these yokels and telling them what we think. I suggest somebody (at Biotest preferably) come up with a form letter that we can all download, print, sign our names to, and send to our congress people and the idiot from NY sponsoring this. TC, this sounds like something right up your alley.

Id like to hear some of the tmag editors etc to tell us there take on this, will this mean if its passed that all andro products will be gone or just plain old andro, if so would that mean no more Mag 10? :0(

Us folks in Australia have had this stuff banned for years… it’s a real shame - I think in the end we’ll all just take the cause into our own hands; it’ll cost law enforcement agencies too much money to control anyway. With all the guys on gear at gyms across the world, it hardly seems as if many are getting busted!

Seroiusly U all we need to dop something before this is banned these guys are gonna ban all andro products just on the basis on androstenedione, they dont know what thell they are talkting about and it just pisses me off…I know if They ban andro im gonna revert to using juice when I hiot another plateau , steroid sales are gonna skyrocket, and its gonna all be because of this , seriously fellow t men, we need to ante up and kick in like the tmen we are and do something!!! we need to take action immediatly!!!


Rock on, congress! So, is my post-hangover 4-AD going to get a class I schedualing? Awesome! I feel like a complete badass now! Just think guys, soon we’ll be sharing cells with heroin dealers!
First pharmie ephedrine, then ephedra, then pro-hormones. I’d like to thank all the 16-year-old jackasses out there who use andro to get those 11" arms to impress middle school girls.

yea… republicans represent smaller govment… yea… right


Heil Hitler (sarcasm)