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Is It Ever Okay to Hit a Woman?



This particular case is about a man who slapped a woman down after she spit in his face and kicked him. According to witnesses, she was the aggressor. In court, the prosecutor asked him is it ever ok to hit a woman, he said in that case, yes.

In my opinion, I have to agree with him. If a woman wants to act like a man, she can get treated like one, and when such treatment comes, they shouldn't play the "i'm a woman" card. And then some women are just huge and strong. I remember at this one job I worked at, it was a woman (who was a dike) that was 275 pounds at like 5'11 or 6'0. And it wasn't that flabby kind of weight. It was that solid weight. She dressed like a guy and had masculine mannerisms. Her 2nd part time job was being a bouncer. She claimed to be able to bench press 315 pounds, which looking at her, I don't think is too far fetched.

In her case, I think it would be perfectly acceptable to hit a woman. She could easily hurt a grown man with her bare fists. But in general, I think it's a case by case basis.




I think to save yourself any trouble it's still a better idea to walk away.

You could hit a woman if she's holding a gun and you are simply trying to stop her, among other similar situations....but never just because you're pissed off.

I actually don't think hitting someone, man or woman, is a good idea except in those similar types of sitautions where you simply need to use force to stop something worse from happening.


Well I meant if your back is against the wall or of said woman clearly has the ability to do you harm.


It's never black and white in this world. To say that it's always ok or always not ok would be wrong.

I'm not a very big guy at 5'7". If a very large woman came at me, and I seriously felt that my life was in danger, I would do the same to her that I would do to anyone else.

That's obviously much different than decking your wife because you're drunk and the kid is screaming- one is assault, the other is self defense.

I would be much more averse to hitting a woman than a man but if it was necessary to protect myself or loved ones, I would.

The guy in this interview sounds like he hit her after she spit on him. That's assault on his part- the level of force he used was not equal to the threat.


Spitting on a cop is considered aggravated assault, and in many parts of the world can get you killed. If someone spit on me I'd probably lose my rational thought and fuck the force the threat used, because that fucker is going down, woman or man.

I always found the "I'm a woman so I can do whatever I want" argument hilarious. If I walked up to Brock Lesnar and spat in his face and expected him to show restraint because he has 60-70lbs on me I'd be out of my fucking mind, so what makes a woman think she can spit in mine because she I have 80lbs on her?

edit: In fact I think the man in question should be praised for only slapping her, she'd have rolled into the court in headgear if it was me.




my buddy told me a story a couple months ago. Kinda long story... will follow with cliff notes

He was at a house party in Hawaii with a lot of people he didnt know. A group was sitting around the fire talking and someone asked what he did. He said he was in the Navy and was a diver and this one chick started flipping out. Saying the military was the worst and he didnt belong on hawaii and all that.

So he tells her she doesnt know what she's talking about and to fuck off. Thats when she came at him. She slapped him and then starting hitting him in the face. He told her if she hit him one more time he would hit her back. She hit him again and then he said he felt blood dripping from his nose. He was holding a full beer can in his hand and when she went to swing again he smashed it upside her head and knocked her the fuck out. Sent her flying.

I am not for hitting women but in that case I see it as justifiable (even though I wouldn't hit her myself)

cliff notes:
buddy is at a party
Girl starts hitting him
he says stop or ill hit you back
she keeps swinging and he KTFO's her with a beer can


occasionally I'll feel the need to choke a bitch


^ Just think... What Would Wayne Brady Do?


ehh..liberal=deserves to get knocked out anyway



haven't you already made this thread


I think we can all agree it depends on the situation.

Yes: Woman is going crazy and you have to stop her
No: Your Stone Cold Steve Austin and your boss tells you to (Expendables reference)
Maybe: She's talking too much




Depends on how bad the sandwich is.






Actually, in most places, spitting on someone is considered assault. So the woman assaulted him first, he responded.


Yes, if you're a little pussy of a man who can't handle the fact that a woman "got one over on you".


She spit in his face, AND kicked him. Although I am a patient man, I would have shown my pimp hand with the quickness. She needed a case of Act-right. Situation like that, or if the woman was just as big as me and strong, and coming at me like a man...I'd remind them of the roles without remorse. She could try and call the cops after I slap the shit out of her, but in most states, she'd be the one to go out wearing the metal bracelets.

If it became a court issue, I'd have everyone who knows me there to testify just how patient I am. Shit like that will not be tolerated. To spit on anyone is a HUGE show of disrespect. Then you're gonna try and kick me??? Bets are off on this one.