Is it Ever Okay to Hit a Female?

Bill Burr say’s it best, it’s really worth a listen…

^ I was JUST going to post that clip. He summarizes it perfectly.

“Anyone who says there’s no reason to hit a woman is full of shit. There are plenty of REASONS - you just don’t do it.”


Until I get hit hard enough to fuck me up ill never hit a woman. unless its on the booty

I’m sure there are circumstances where I would hit a woman to defend myself or someone else, but I’ve managed to spend 34 years in this world without those circumstances ever arising.

Who cares?

[quote]LoRez wrote:
Asked Girl for Number, Got Rejected. Hit her.[/quote]
Fucking done lol.

Asked my mom for pasta, she said I would get puffy… Hit her.

Put GPS tracker on my girls car, she found it, when she asked why I did that I didn’t have a good answer… Hit her… With a bat… Went to prison and disappeared from TNation… Have new boyfriend…

[quote]Chushin wrote:

[quote]pushharder wrote:

[quote]Chushin wrote:
There have been allegations that she was spitting in his face.

Could you react non-violently to that?[/quote]

I’ve heard this. I heard cursing and spitting.

Don’t ever ever ever think at times women don’t intentionally do things to maliciously provoke a man to hit her.[/quote]


Obviously, the times that a man should hit a woman are quite limited, but I’ve known some women who do everything they can think of to try and get the guy to lose control out of anger.[/quote]

Some piece of shit spit in my face when we were on a river trip several years ago. She was taken to the ground and mounted with her wrists pinned to the ground. She calmed down very quickly after that. I got up and walked away and no one did anything. Never considered striking her even though I think her intention was to provoke me.

Said “hey babe, how bout giving me some of that sweet 18 yr old vag” while giving her my best blue steel look… She said no… Hit her… Can you blame me for snapping?? I’m going bald…

Bitch said “I don’t date guys under 6’ tall”… Hit her… Heightism is a real thing bruh and cant slide…

[quote]jbpick86 wrote:
Asked my mom for pasta, she said I would get puffy… Hit her.[/quote]


Told a girl I pre-exhaust tris before chest work, she said “ur doing it wrong”, hit her with my DDS.

There’s a million reasons to hit a woman, just like there’s a million reasons to punch my best friend in the face sometimes, or ram the car of the idiot in front of me who won’t turn right on red. But you don’t do it, because (hopefully) you have a voice in your head that tells you that that’s not how decent people behave.

I was in a highly dysfunctional relationship with a woman who would slap me in public, punch me, destroy my shit, the works. A discussion about what to have for dinner could turn into her calling my mom a “psychotic bitch”. She would argue and I would try to reason or de-escalate. If I tried to leave, she would step in front of me and not allow me to pass. If I pushed by her, she’d jump on my back and wrap her forearms around my throat. The first time I managed to leave without either of us getting too banged up, I came back home and one of my stereo speakers had been tipped over and crushed. She jumped on it until the cabinet collapsed and the drivers crumpled like tissue paper.

Worst it ever got was driving back from my Aunt’s house after X-mas dinner. My Aunt and cousins are good people. My wife starts going off on how she hates to visit them (35 minutes away) every year for Christmas. Starts complaining about the food that’s cooked, about my female cousins and how much she hates talking to them…just a bunch of negative shit for no reason at all. I ask her to just drop it a couple times and she keeps going. I’m doing 65 down the highway in a fucking blizzard with my wife ragging on people I love and I snapped. My right arm goes out and I open palm, stiff arm her face into the passenger window. I held her face there for about 10 seconds because right thent I needed nothing more than for her to shut the fuck up.

That was the only time I ever was physically aggressive with her. I guess that makes me a piece of shit wife-beater. At that moment in time, given those circumstances, I’m strangely ok with that.

Fuck me, I interrupted all the funnies for that wall of text.

Carry on…

the biggest insult there is to a woman any how is to ignore her. if you have to hit her you got no game

Forgot… Hit her.