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Is it cheating?

I’ve been working out for about two years now and I’ve gone from 149lbs to my present weight of 170 at 12% bf…still a work in progress, still trying to add mass. Now I was have a discussion with my wife last night about supplements. She saw an article somewhere, we got to talking and I mentioned that I was thinking about buying some mag10. She is of the opinion that using prohormones would somehow be “cheating”. I’v always thought of them in the supplement category…she thinks they are more in the “wicked” steroid category. What do you guys think? Where do you draw the line?

Some view any androgen as “cheating”. Personally, I feel “cheated” since not being blessed with Arnold’s or Skip’s genetics.

You won’t be cheating if it is legal.

Come on fellas…we all know that mag-10 IS steriods just no one hear wants to admit it. If the suppliment can add as much size as everyone says it can…(10-20lbs)…no one can sit hear and tell me that it’s not steriods. Oh ya, I live in Canada where the stuff IS banned, does that mean it’s cheating if I take it? Just some food for thought…

Cheating involves using an unfair advantage to win. Who are you competing against? If you arent competing against anybody then there is no way you are cheating. If you are taking something and your competitors have no access to it or its illegal to use, then it is cheating.

Cheating how? Yourself? Everyone else? Your wife? As far as I’m concerned, taking MAG-10 is a safe and legal alternative for those who would otherwise consider using illegeal anabolics. It all depends on where you draw the “natural” line.

If YOU can use “any” substance to give YOU the body YOU want, without it causing any long-term negative side-effetcs, then use it. If anyone else has a problem, well just let THEM deal with it… simple.

Mag-10 IS a steroid or more precisely two steroids, they’re just not illegal. Exactly how are you cheating? Are you trying to compete against other drug tested athletes by using a banned substance? The only ones being “cheated” are those who aren’t using the banned substance. Cheating is really only possible if you’re breaking the rules of your athletic organization. The NCAA considers ephedrine and high levels of caffeine cheating as well as a plethora of other legal substances.

Honestly, one can make a case that creatine, vitamins, fish oils, and protein powder are also cheating. I mean, by taking those fish capsules I don’t have to eat all the salmon the “non-cheaters” have to take. IMO an arbitrary decision to call taking a substance cheating because it’s effective is ridiculous.

Well, I suppose if you go further than just a hug with the Mag-10 that perhaps it would be cheating. In my opinion, pulling a Slick Willy with the Mag-10 wouldn’t be cheating. I would try to use ‘her’ for all I could without the wife knowing… just don’t get anything stuck. :slight_smile:

Is getting your penis enlarged cheating ? is a breast enlargement cheating ? is a nose job cheating ? is dying your freaking hair cheating ?.. they are all ways on manipulating what you were born with, or what you have rather, and they have potential hazards, some more than others. I wouldn’t call mag-10 “cheating”… I call it an “advantage”… along with other supplements that are good, even steroids. (Cheating with steroid induced bodies went extinct back in the late 60’s… from then on, you had to take steroids to be competitive, you cheated yourself not taking them if you wanted to compete to win…)Obviously, if you plan on using it (mag-10), and knowingly competing in a BB show banning such substances, then you are cheating…explaining all this to someone in the “average” life-style will be futile

You’re cheating yourself if you aren’t making consistent gains. Do whatever you have to do to be happy with what you see in the mirror. I don’t consider steroid usage to be cheating, you still work just as hard in the gym if not harder. It is only augmenting your RESULTS in recovery and making you a healthier person physically and psychologically. ~PorchDawg

I agree with Goldberg. But since you’re probably not competing against anyone, the only way you could cheat is if someone asks you if you used steroids to help attain that build? And you say “no”.