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Is It Bad to Swim After Lifting?

ive heard that its bad to swim after you lift? does anyone know if its true??


no, it's not. I mean, I wouldn't swim super hard intervals or sprints because glycogen is depleted and energy levels are low. But swimming some laps for an hour, or easy swimming, that's a-ok. Just make sure to compensate with more calories :slight_smile:


hmm on the other hand sprinter-training increases growth hormone and is proven to protect muscle vs endurance style training ~ either way if you train hard enough at lifting and eat up the "fear of losing muscle mass" is largely not going to impact you.. but that is just my supplement to aragorn.

I'd say a combination of what I just said and Aragorn said is steady-state vs high intensity training. Though I'd go with Aragorns recommendation since I swim like a beached whale.


lol. Well a mix is usually good. The thing is though, if you just got done with a hard lifting day, there's no way in hell you have the gas to do a high intensity cardio day as a finisher to your weights session. None. The only way that happens is if you take about 4-8 hours off in between and do it as a second workout. It's better to go low intensity immediately following a weight session as your body is already in the process of mobilizing fatty acids in the blood.

If you're doing the high intensity stuff on another day, then yeah go for it!