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Is It Bad to Crack Your Back?

The title is the question. Is it bad to crack your back? Is it beneficial? I just have no idea. Thanks!

No, it’s not bad. It’s beneficial in that cracking has been shown to temporarily decrease pain.

Anecdotally, I love it. Sometimes my vertebrae get a little “sticky” and cracking my back seems to free them up.

<------ Not a Dr.

From my experience with back issues the feeling to need to crack your back is because there is a problematic issue going on in that area. I used to twist in my chair and my back would explode but after I got a laminectomy L4-S1 I haven’t cracked my back since, haven’t even felt the urge to. So my guess is something is locked up or off alignment and cracking it certainly felt good but was never going to help solve the constant urge to do so.

A chiropractor told me that cracking can lead to hypermobility. I guess that could be worth looking into.

Google like spinal manipulation and stuff and learn everything you’d ever want