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Is it Bad Genetics or Am I Just Fat?

Hello all, Thanks for clicking. Hopefully you can shed some light onto things.

I know I’m no professional bodybuilder, id consider myself a Noob. I’m big, not tone, not lean.
So with this being said here are my stats: Age, 20. Height: 6’7 Weight: 236

I believe the term is "pepperoni nipples"
I have rather large nipples and i was wondering if you guys could help.
It seems like I have fat stored in my lower pec, but I’m not sure if that’s just the way my big nipples lay.
However, I hate it. When I’m wearing a shirt It looks like I have man boobs pointing outward/overlapping. ( I guess that’s the best way to describe it)
I am cutting rn

So my question is: When I lose weight, and the fat comes out of my pec, will it still look this bad because of my bigger nipples?

I know this is a weird way to describe it. I will post pictures when i’m off work.

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you can diet off the fat, but your weird nips are here to stay.

And please don’t post a picture.

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If you knew the answer, how would it affect your weight loss journey?

No, not at all!

@yogi you sure?

Uh huh… Hey when I turn 50 will I have grey hair? I’m 25 at the moment. My dad is 46 and he has a little bit of grey in his hair if that helps. Thanks!

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