Is It Allergies?

currently, no matter what i eat, i get runny nose. sometimes more, sometimes less. does this mean i have allergic reaction or just something normal that occurs when eating in bulk?

also are sweet potato the same family from red or regular potato? if i eat around 350grams of sweet potato i bloat like crazy, but not the same with red potato. this mean i have allergic reaction to SP?

If the food is even mildly spicy your nose can run. My nose runs from just eating regular stuff too. There’s quite a bit of variables that come into play concerning that. Heck, your nose can run from eating by just chewing vigorously. If your throat and eyes aren’t itchy, or you’re not breaking out with some sort of rash, aren’t sneezing or coughing, or experiencing tightness in your face or throat anywhere I wouldn’t worry about it.

As far as sweet potatoes versus red potatoes, I think that’s dependent on how well your body partitions carbs. Red potatoes have around 35 grams of carbs, versus sweet potatoes that clock in at around 27.

Sweet potatoes are related to red and white potatoes. The carotenoids in the sweet potatoes might be bothering you. I get that itchy mouth thing going on from carrots that contain the same thing.

Concerning bloating, that may or may not be an allergic reaction. I think it’s not, and more so dealing with the fact that you’re just eating 350 grams of sweet potatoes. Idk if you’re eating that in one sitting, but perhaps break it up and have 2-3 different meals all totaling up to 350g of sweet potatoes in one day. The bloating could also be a combo of that, and whatever else you’re eating throughout the day as well.

thanks! i do have itchy throat and always scratch it too

This is your second thread about the allergies. Instead of asking around on a forum you should go check with a doctor. Ps red potatoes are better.A little more carbs I believe.

This is strange. Normally an allergic reaction is for some particular food and not for all you eat. Visiting doctor is best advice you can get.

It is not normal to have reactions like these to the food you eat. It doesn’t mean you need to rush into the doctor. You may just be sensitive to a lot of foods. You’ve already discovered it with potatoes. I’d suggest removing other foods from your diet until you find ones that don’t cause these symptoms.