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Is It a Hernia and What Kind?


Hey guys!!

It happened about 5 weeks ago but I'm not 100% sure which the cause was.
After almost 1 month of gym break I went in and did 3 exercises with machines. I loaded the machines with maximum I could do. I did calves and abs. What I remember is that doing the last ab machine I felt from the beginning of the 1st set excruciating pains in my abs sign that they were not healed enough but I've gone through the entire no. of sets and reps until the end enduring the pain. Very stupid I know . The calves were also very tough. After the workout I haven't felt any pain. The pains started 1 week after.

Another possibility or maybe a combination was that couple of days after I had a problem with one of our servers (i'm IT guy) and I had to carry that server around (60 lbs) and then I remember that I did a tremendous effort to put the server back on top of the others. Again I don't recall any pain at that time.
My symptoms are:

  • discomfort in groins and right testicle sometimes low pains but there is no additional pain if I walk, bend or cough. Abdominal and pelvis discomfort and low pains on the trajectory of the right inguinal channel.

  • my right testicle is swollen but not all the time, basically when the discomfort disappears the swollen is gone too

  • sometimes a feel this pulsating sensation in my r testicle which goes away eventually
  • i feel like a nerve is stranded with reactions in my testicle and sometime on my back of my right leg

When I lie down the symptoms go away almost 100%. Up to know there was no discomfort whatsoever during the night sleep but starting 2 nights ago I started to feel sometime the discomfort for couple of seconds and change position and goes away.

I have no bulge. My MD checked me twice and he found nothing. In one week from now on I'm going to have an ultrasound for my abs, pelvis and scrotum.

I don't feel that the symptoms are worsening during the day. I have better days and worse days.
I have no idea if I have a sport hernia or an inguinal hernia without the bulge.
I stopped completely any kind of sport or any heavy lifting.
What would be your recommendations? Is it any type of stretching or light exercises that I can do to make things better.

Here is what a surgeon of sports hernia advised me:

"Sounds very suspicious for a sports hernia. You have rested enough. I would recommend starting physical therapy with emphasis on core stretching and strengthening. Majority of patients recover over 6-10 weeks of PT alone. Good luck."

Thank you very much.


So you walked into a gym, automatically put the weights on the max you could do, and you're surprised that you injured yourself somehow? There's your problem.

You should wait for the results of the ultrasound.


This is what I did followed by heavy work physical effort. I know I was stupid and now I suffer.
I'm starting today physical therapy and I can't wait to hear what that guy is going to tell me.
Ultrasound this Saturday and then we'll see.