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Is it a good Idea to do regular cardio along with a program like the German Body Comp

I am 14, about 5’8, weigh 278 lbs, have 32% body fat and around 52 lbs of musscle. I have just started weight lifting. I am not in any sports. I train 3 times a week on the German Body Comp program. I want to drop a lot of fat as fast as possible. I am on the T-Dawg Diet. My question is if it is a good idea to incorporate regular cardio in with the German body comp program. The article says it is not necessar, but will it have any negative effects on my body to do both the German Body Comp and cardio?

It doesn’t matter what people say about not doing cardio when on certain programs or whatever. It’s ALWAYS good to do at least 2 moderate intensity cardio sessions a week to keep in good health. Since you’re trying to lose fat, I’d recommend about 4-5 moderate intensity cardio sessions a week, preferably on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. This is what has been proven to work folks. I know some of you will be opposed to my ideas, but they’re proven.

you need to do some meltdown training. Have you gone to the doctor to have yourself checked out? You are 14 years old! Laters pk

Yes, it is a good idea to include some cardio. Read John Berardi’s part 2 of “The Winning Formula” for some great ideas of how to implement cardio and interval training into your routine to maximize fat loss.

BTW, you have more than 52lbs of lean body mass :)

If you have the energy to do cardio while doing the TDawg diet and German Body Comp, then go for it. Just dont sweat it if you miss a cardio session here or there.

I’ve been using German Body Comp 3 days a week for about 7 weeks. I also did cardio 3 times a week on days that I did not train. I used the eliptical machine for 20 to 30 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend doing any more cardio than that though. I have gotten incredible results. I’m switching to Meltdown this week. If you follow the t-dawg diet you should get excellent results. Good luck.

I agree with everyone that has already posted, do some cardio. I love Berardi’s last article where he pointed out the fact that most people (if not all) now a days are simply to sedentary and don’t exercise enough besides hitting the weights. I think a lot of problems could be solved by simply doing more cardio. Also as Berardi mentioned, I would recommend some sprints or anearobic intervals of some kind. Start out slow with these if you have never used them. If I need to shed some fat, anaerobic intervals are a great little trick. I think cardio started getting a bad rap about a few years ago, but I believe you will start to see a swing to it’s favor in the future. Unless you are “hardgainer” or have a very high BMR or RMR I don’t think cardio is anywhere near the devil it is made out to be. Like Choad said, for general health why not include a little cardio. Weight training is vastly superior yes, but some type of aerobic training is just healthy and useful for a variety of reasons. Bottom line, do some cardio you big lug and good luck with everything.