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Is Iron Supplementation Worthwhile?

I have been having a lot of symptoms of subclinical hypothyroidism, which also seem to align with low iron levels…I got some labs done and the levels are as follows:

Iron - 95 ug/dL [ 65 - 170 ]
Ferritine - 83 ng/mL [ 20 - 250 ]

Is anyone here supplementing iron and did you notice benefits from it? I’m currently on TRT also (daily injections).

So it seems that exogenous testosterone, has a direct family bond with IRON of some sort.

After trying TRT for the first time, trying one 5 g gel (50 mg) sachet, for 3 days in one row i ended up feeling like the worst in my life, on the 3 day, like totally depressed, im sure if this lasted for a week i would have killed myself, iv never felt shit like this ever. After quitting in 2 days time i was fine.

I tried most vitamins and minerals, at this time and was on vitamin c. I then accidentally, a month later or so bought some iron, 27mg tablets. Then took this for like a month or so. Due to i could feel it helped overall on alot of things like tiredness and so. After this restarted this time with propionate, daily insulin, low dose 7mg, after 6 days i was not depressed. Then tried 2 times gel, still not depressed, i fell a bit down, but its not comparable in any way. Still i need more time to make a complete conclusion. Like shooting up 10 mg daily for like 14 days or so.

Iron, like all minerals, is actually really difficult to measure in the body. What is in your blood serum does not necessarily reflect what is stored in the body. You can be very deficient, and at the same time have “in range” blood levels. Typically, Iron, ferritin, and TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity) should be checked. You metabolism tends to increase on TRT, resulting in several things ramping up. TSH often increases initially, and you will simply start doing things like making more red blood cells. That uses up Iron, among other things. You find out how balanced your diet really is. It should also be noted that minerals compete for transport systems to get from stomach to blood stream, meaning that You should not supplement minerals together. Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Copper really should not be taken together unless it’s by IV. I know they sell the pills with them all together, that’s not because you should take them that way. They sell them the way that they think you will be motivated to purchase them. Most minerals are also better absorbed in citrate form (or chelated with Iron). Citric Acid aids absorption.

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Read this.

My thyroid problems, also got better after using IRON. My blood tests where normal, but as hardartery says, it does not seem to show waht happens inside the cells. Or inside The BBB (blood brain barrier)

Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated! I have a feeling some of my symptoms correlate with iron issues, though it’s hard to prove as mentioned above with bloods. I am going to start supplementing and see how I feel. I was going to get one of the following, what are your thoughts on which is best?

Solgar Gentle Iron or Solgar Chelated Iron?

Ferrous fumarate this i use daily had good experience with it. Or i used iron drobs with aminosyrecheleret ironbiclycinate, Danasan is the brand but its only in Denmark. I really like this cuz i can mix it in a big glass of water and drink it. I used for 50 days 27mg iron daily now i use 13-14 a day. Dont use more than 27, iron can get toxic fast. And only use 27mg for 30-50 days then go down to 13-14 a day. You can always raise again if needed. I see that some people take 65 mg iron due to anemia, this is way too much, in short time it will start having toxic effects on cells. I read about it. Thanks

I also read that one should take vitamin C, and copper with iron.

I used 325mg ferrous fumarate (106mg elemental iron) with vitamin C and L-lysine and it helped tremendously. Up to 200mg/day can be used to treat anemia. Please link where 65mg is too much. I’ve read many studies showing up to 200mg/day being used to treat anemia.

Hi, this is the article

Also David Sinclair, says that he has seen it how cells react to the amounts used to treat anemia in older people, uner microscope. And he says it dosent look good and he dosent like it. Its in podcast with Joe Rogan. For how long did you take that amount?

L-Lysine does it help with IRON?

L-lysine helps absorption among many other things. I love David Sinclair but he’s also said some things that turned out wrong which he himself addresses in his last two podcasts. That Daily Mail article is a publication looking for clicks off of a salacious headline. The article itself says there needs to be much more testing before even considering 200mg not safe. It’s sort of like one of the 8 million articles the same publication posts about how bad TRT is. I’m not sold.

for how long did you take it? And do you take it while on TRT. Thanks for the lysine

I took it while on TRT yes. I took Iron + vit C + L-lysine for about 3 months until I got levels up to par then stopped. When levels get low I repeat.

Ok how much L-lysine did you take?

1000-1300mg (1/2 teaspoon) L-lysine powder from Bulk Supplements on Amazon.

ok thanks, last question do you take the L-lysine the same time as the iron or at separate times?