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Is Iodoral Better than Lugol's Oil for Thyroid?


Hi there,

My test is in the so-called low-normal' range, and my temperature is very low, so I've been iodine loading with Lugol's oil for the past month, or so. I would have bought Iodoral, but as I live in the UK, it's very expensive.

I've been taking Lugol's oil in my water for about the past month, and my body temperature has increased a bit, but I'm still well below normal body temperature (about 96 degrees first thing in the morning; around 96.8 in the evening).

I'm probably clutching at straws here, but would it be worth trying Iodoral before I try and convince my Doctor to give me further thyroid tests?



Iodoral is not different from Lugol's.

How many mg's of iodine have you taken at this point?

Have you been tested for thyroid anti-bodies?


Thanks for your response, KSman. I didn't think there's much difference but like I said, I am probably clutching at straws a little, as I was hoping that taking iodine might have fixed some of my issues.

I increased my dosage over the course of about five weeks to (what I gathered from reading online) would be about 80mg a day, and maintained that dosage for about ten days (that was after staying at 50mg for about two weeks).

I haven't had a thyroid anti-body test, as I first noticed that my test is in the lower end of the so-called "normal" scale, and have really just been trying to establish whether my thyroid was causing this. But that's certainly something I'll look into.

Although I have seen some improvement in body temperature and I feel less cold all the time, it looks to me like there might be a thyroid issue, as I'm still far lower than what is considered "normal" body temperature.