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Is Inhaled Ammonia Neurotoxic?

Not sure if this is the same stuff that powerlifters use, thought it might be worth sharing in case it was.

(…well this may explain why we powerlifters think [wrong word?] powerlifting is a good idea…)

Yeah, studies like this don’t bode well for the meat-head stereotype

I’ve never used ammonia caps before, but it’s funny that you posted this today because I just put an order, and added a couple of packs because they’re cheap and I want to give them a go…it just kills off the weakest brain cells, right?

I feel like anyone who drinks and is worried about ammonia is probably a little confused, haha.

This isn’t talking about small amounts of ammonium carbonate - this is referring to large scale exposure to ammonia released into the air. Breathing it for minutes (or even hours, as I think they mentioned) is a completely different situation to sniffing a bit before a big lift. I doubt there are any problems with it.

Yeah, the paper did go into the lengthy exposure times, but also the ppm.
My thoughts are that directly snorting something would cause a fairly high ppm, which could exceed a threshold level that the body is capable of dealing with. Nothing to base that off of.
Like the great Adam Steiner once said “Information is ammunition.”


I don’t really care.

I love snaps.


I’ll clean the kitchen just to smell the ammonia. TWICE!!!

Seriously, which is more dangerous, imploding your head honking a snap or crawling under 600 pounds and getting that hip crease below the knee top?