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Is Inflammation Post WO During Rehab Normal?


I am recovering from a strained rectus femorus (upper quad) strain. I am at the point where I can begin exercise after over a month of rest. My body is healing very slowly. I've been doing only body weight and barbell squats with no weights and felt pretty good.

Today I added on a 25 on each side then a 45 for the next 2 sets. It felt good. Very little discomfort.

After the workout DOMS started to set in and its pretty sore right now. I wouldn't say it feels re-pulled but definitely sore and inflamed right now. I iced a few times today and massaged a bit.

My question is whether or not its normal to be sore and inflamed Post WO during the rehab/re-strengthening of a muscle.



Well, it depends. How much did you squat before your injury? DON'T MASSAGE SOMETHING AFTER A WORKOUT. NEVER. If it has the slightest tear, you are only going to make it far worse. Wait at least 48 hours before massaging anything. Also, don't ice anything, expecially after a wrkout, as it stops the healing process.